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-cel is sometimes used as a suffix used in the incelosphere to denote the type of deficiency an involuntary celibate has that contributes to their inceldom. It can also indicate an interest, activity, or other characteristic of the "incelibate.

The letters "cel" or "-cel" are used as a suffix to denote the type of deficiency an involuntary celibate has that contributes to their inceldom. It is used by both incelospherians and incelologists.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

This has questionable grammar logic since this practice involves dropping the "in-" prefix (short for involuntarily) which makes it seem like the term applies to all celibates and not just incelibates.

Why this may make sense however is that by ascribing some cause other than "voluntary" to a celibacy, you are de-facto implying it is involuntary by saying so.

A "locationcel" for example, doesn't need to be called "locationINcel" because there would be no such thing as a "locationVOLcel" since if your celibacy is voluntary, you being in a location where it's hard to find sex partners would be irrelevant.

Overview[edit | edit source]

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