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Happier Abroad forum circa 2019

Happier Abroad is a blog about moving to Asian (or really any non-American) countries in order to, "live a better life", and potentially have more romantic/reproductive success.

It is also a forum at http://www.happierabroad.com/forum/index.php

Reasons for moving to Asian countries according to Wu[edit | edit source]

Winston Wu promotes a better life and love overseas for unhappy, lonely, depressed misfits in America, especially men. His overseas solution, he claims, solves many of life's problems - particularly those related to dating, social life, and mental health - and significantly improves one's life in 6 major areas:

  1. Dating/Relationships,
  2. Social Life/Friendships,
  3. Mental Health/Self-Esteem,
  4. Lower Cost of Living,
  5. Healthier Food
  6. Personal/Social Freedoms.

Review[edit | edit source]

His message and life story inspires unhappy misfits in America to discover friendlier foreign women, authentic saner people/cultures, lower cost of living, healthier food, social/personal freedoms and More! As such, Winston Wu is the only one in the Conspiracy/Truth movement and the New Age movement that has a REAL solution to America's social problems that actually work. Thus he is arguably the most unique and useful person in the manosphere, a fact which needs to get more publicity so that Americans can know about real options and solutions they have which aren't being publicized. In fact, Mr. Wu is clearly the top experts in the world when it comes to reasons to leave America, for he has written the most reasons to get out of America, along with an mega Ebook about it and many articles on the subject. If one imagines America as a sinking ship like the Titanic, and Wu being the only one urging people to get off the ship, while everyone else assumes that they must stay on the sinking ship and try to save it, Wu's logic becomes so obvious and apparent, that one wonders why everyone else is blind to it. Perhaps Plato's cave allegory may explain why.

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