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Virgin Messiah
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Name: Virgin Messiah
Date of Birth: June 9th 1985
Occupation: Technical Advisor at Library
Ethnicity: white

Virgin Messiah (in short: George, Georgie, Georgy Boy, Foreveralone Feels) was a relatively popular incelebrity youtuber and vlogger. In May 2019, he deleted his channel, leaving behind a fanbase wondering if he's okay. He is a really awesome dude.

Personal Life[edit]

George is a 33 year old virgin and sex symbol. He works as a technical advisor at a local library in his hometown. He's a first generation immigrant from Ukraine, however he has spent most of his life in the US. His attitude to his parents suggests that he doesn't care about neoliberal status-shamers who think everything is his fault and may call him a loser. George likes to take moral high ground by opposing casual sex (which he has never been offered). He was orbited relentlessly by a teen vlogger named Talia, who came to appreciate him after watching his first YouTube channel religiously.


George is known for his face-front vlogging style. He usually rambles about the inability to find a girlfriend, and potentially a future wife. His last channel was relatively new. He had another called "Forever Alone Feels" in the past. Another re-occurring theme in his videos, is work-related burnout and general despair and depression. He "took a break" from YouTube every other month the past year, only to come back two weeks later almost every time. As of 16 of May, 2019, he has deleted his channel again. He may come back one day. A popular edit channel featuring Virgin Messiah called "Minister Random" was deleted between 18th and 19th of May, suggesting that George is trying to erase his footsteps on the internet.

On May 28th, 2019, George uploaded a video in which he explains why he's leaving. His health has taken a hit due to his lower back issues and this has made him realize how much he has taken for granted.

On June 16th, George returned to YouTube, posting a video where he addresses his health situation, mistakes made in the past and plans for the future. He currently goes under the name "Billy Mays" which is his 3rd channel after previously deleting "Forever Alone Feels" in 2017 and "Virgin Messiah" in 2019.

He had a tendency to delete videos shortly after publishing them. These particular videos were a)failed workout journals and b)unusually nihilistic and defeatist rants induced by alcohol. None of those have been retrieved. He also likes to stream old horror games like resident evil, and also uses the opportunity to do Q&A with his fans.

Progress with Woman & Time Passages[edit]

George likes to take each year at a time, he usually wishes well for himself at the end of each year.

George has had some success with women for a late virgin vlogger, having gone on a couple of dates.


George is a known gymcel. He usually likes to eat hard-boiled eggs, sausage. and other whole foods. His workout routine consists of few dips a week, walking, giving up and starting over again every 2 months. He avoids cardio, which is probably why he's still fat.

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