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BrendioEEE, also known as, "Derrick", is an incelebrity from Los Angeles. He self-identifies as a locationcel and has proposed enforced monogamy for NEETs and increasing the age of consent to 25 except in cases of marriage. He claimed that he started off approaching looksmatches. When they were nonredamancing him he switched to approaching ugly and old one's and two's. When he realized even they were nonredamancing him he began to, "swallow the black pill".[1] On social media he goes by BrendioEEE or variations thereof.

He's been described as a fakecel by some for two reasons: firstly, he's had two girlfriend before, secondly, fatcels are volcel. (Nobody cares about the fact that he's 5'5" tall.)

In September 2018, he coined a new term: abominationcel. According to BrendioEEE, the term means someone who is defomed and ugly.

According to BrendioEEE, there are three main factors behind inceldom: (a) locationceldom, (b) mentalceldom (c) uglyceldom. He also believes that Los Angeles is the worst place to be incel in America. He has acknowledged that his online interviews are an attempt at statusmaxxing.[2]

Interviews and Appearances[edit | edit source]

  • He appeared on The Fallen State, a weekly TV talk show hosted by Jesse Lee Peterson. [1]
  • NonSequitur Podcast Jan 9th [2]

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