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The Logic Behind the questions[edit source]

  1. CICO is in pure abstract correct, but interventions fail due to other factors, which is evident in NEAT and satiety
  2. Macro composition and palatable foods are at least seen as weak alternatives to such change in obesity rates
  3. Currently there is heavy disputes on endocrine and neurotoxic contaminants of all forms, and LessWrong is disputing SMTM on the matter
  4. The LessWrong crowd and SMTM has an incentive or bias to not dive deep into Life History and its variations (IQ, Impulse, Ethnicity, Polygenic Causes) even when they acknowledged it is a factor
  5. SMTM claimed that the lower classes suffered an increase of obesity rates throughout the ages, but it is hard to determine its correlation with Life History demographic change
  6. They are either claiming that (a) excluding genetic effects, it is worth caring about contamination as "things that can change" and (b) the desire for cheap and effective diet is pure "cope".

Resolving (a) and (b) independently is necessary to deal with this. -Postcel

I would not cite those sites much unless they have a good overview and look more towards the data they cite. You could divide the proposed pollutant section into arguments for and against it having any major role. The life history stuff would go into its own section. I proposed an interventions section. This is more important than the heritability studies. Just because something is highly heritable, it does not mean it is not alterable by interventions. I think the research on this is fairly 'blackpilling' though. Altmark22 (talk)

Page organization[edit source]

The page is a bit disorganized. I propose altering the sections as follows:
Existing content:

  • Causes of obesity. Merge with causes of being overweight and break it down into the following subsections:
  • Industrial seed oils (very popular topic these days)
  • Low-fat vs low-carb diets
  • Physical activity (include NEAT, declines in manual labour, if there's any actual strong correlation between volitional physical activity rates in the broad pop with BMI etc)
  • Pollutants (the slime, lithium, etc everything here)
  • Poverty, SES
  • Heritability of obesity
  • Subsection: Do interventions work?
  • Geographical factors
  • Potential solutions

Try to keep the explanation sections from getting too long individually
New sections:

  • Life history and obesity
  • Possible genetic selection for obesity
  • "Crumbling genome", increasing deleterious mutational load as a potential casual factor in secular increases
  • Effects of obesity on attractiveness judgements and mating outcomes, divide by sex. Altmark22 (talk)