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To dickmog is to "mog" (undermine) another person when wearing sweatpants or some other form of discernible clothing, by having a larger mooseknuckle (hence presumably a bigger penis) than the other. Although dickmogging (evident through the mooseknuckle) usually implies a larger penis this is not always the case. For example, some men simply have testicles which hang relatively high and compressed. This high position of the testicles means that his genitalia is pushed forwards, thus creating the illusion of a large package.

Dickmogging also occurs during swimclasses when the crotchbulge is obvious. Some notable dickmoggers whose dickmogging has attracted the attention of the media during sporting events include Henrik Rummel and Nelson Evora. In cases where a man always dickmogs other men, he probably has an indisposition called macrophallism.

During an act of dickmogging, the dickmogger feels proud, whereas the dickmoggee feels humiliated.

Variation: Foreskin mog[edit | edit source]

Foreskin mogging is when an intact male undermines a circumcised male in e.g. the locker rooms.

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