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BlowFly Girl involves the maggot pill. Look up BlowFly Girl.

Omegaverse[edit source]

Might be worth having a section on the Omegaverse porn fiction genre, which heavily involves dog/wolf themes supposedly. Seems to be a BDSM zoophilic gay trans genre for straight women. It's so rancid I can't even deal with itWilliam (talk) 23:19, 30 March 2020 (UTC)

A lady named Addison Cain considers herself the originator of the idea and appears to be one of the few who is willing to tie the genre to what appears to be, but may not be, a real identity. She has a photo but never shows her face during interviews. It certainly is a female voice though.

Knotting is what alphas will do during having sex with an omega. At the base of an alpha's penis is a knot (like a dog penis) that locks into the omega when the alpha orgasms
Both male and female omegas have a uterus
Bonding is done during sex by biting William (talk) 23:27, 30 March 2020 (UTC)