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Name: FaceandLMS / Invisible on Lookism.net, Sluthate.com, PUAHate.com
Date of Birth: Mid 40s
Occupation: Former American College Footballer/White Collar Normie
Ethnicity: US/UK Black

FaceandLMS is maybe the most popular incelebrity on youtube. He is a black man in his 30s who lives in the UK and spends hours a day doing live shows and editing videos describing how, sexually, women only care about Looks, Money, and Status (known as LMS theory). He is too scared to show his face, but his face pic is widely known and shared in incel chat rooms, so it's odd he keeps hiding his face and not acknowledging the picture until now https://i.ibb.co/cY8n2LS/23ictxj.jpg

His YouTube videos are kind of like if lookism.net was one person and they did YouTube vids.

Dating Life[edit | edit source]

FaceandLMS once had a hookup with an older woman he met at a bar on a vacation to the United States, most likely entirely due to his English accent.

On What Attracts Women[edit | edit source]

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First episode:

On 2019-07-18, he announced that W.A.W. episode 5 was probably going to be released within two weeks.

As of 2019-08-20, the video has not been released yet, and FaceAndLMS has not been heard of for weeks.

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