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Baraka TV
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Name: Baraka TV
Date of Birth: Unknown
Occupation: Warehouse stocker, former shoping cart
Ethnicity: Black/African American

Nicholas McCrary, better known as Baraka TV or Baraka McKray was a TFLer, apart of the Black incelosphere, who was closely associated with Kent.


Baraka tends to hold opinions similar to Kent and Jamil the King, when it comes to how Black women act and what the dating scene is like. Ideas like: 1) Accusing Black women prefer thugs, pretty boys and light skin men over the average Black men 2) Women are mainly attracted to men by their looks: if a man is ugly, it's lights out for him, and 3) True Forced Loneliness is real and they suffer from it.


Baraka Died recently last year, in September 2018[1]. He committed suicide by setting himself on fire.[2] His last tweet read, "WOMEN ALL FIND ME PHYSICALLY UGLY".[3]

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