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The X-Factor Theory is a theory which considers that there are one or more other factor(s) to attraction other than looks or personality but we cannot point at it (them), because we can't see it (them). This theory was proposed by Virgin Messiah and was later developed by HBTDL and Steve Hoca.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

The X-factor Theory suggests thereone or more other factor(s) to attraction other than looks or personality but we cannot point at it (them), because we can't see it (them). This theory was developed because of observations outside of dating apps and internet dating culture. HBTDL noticed that a lot of dads these days are bald, fat, or otherwise physically unattractive or unkempt. This concept was later referred to as the "schlubby hubby" theory.

'Schlubby Hubby' theory[edit | edit source]

HBTDL said: "If woman seek the best genes for their offspring, then why they are happily raising defective children"? (retards, autistics etc.) This can also be seen with the rise of the soyboy, which indicates it's not necessarily looks that affect the overall dating situation for men.

Also, in his words: "If woman are looking for a domineering man that takes charge, then why they accept things like stay at home dads?" Beyond hypergamy, women typically go for stereotypes - anything odd or less than NT would be considered an impediment. It does not matter if you are the worst person around; what matters is that you portray a stereotype that woman accept in a universal way. (For example: soyboys, thugs, juiceheads etc.)

Furthermore, there are plenty of studies where women where actually asked to create their ideal looking man from the ground up. in every single study, women consistently made the same looking type of guy as most facially desirable, a pretty boythat looks exactly like the stereotypical pop singer, or male ballroom dancer[1][2][3][4][5] with hardly any resemblance to a hunter at all whatsoever. Also in a survey by clothing label Jacamo, men were asked to describe what they think is women’s idea of the physically ideal man, then women were asked to describe the type of ideal man they want physically. Women blatantly described a schlubby hubby, and men described an extraordinarily physically fit, hunter faced male. They made a visual avatar to show the discrepancies between men's and women's choices.[6]

When all of these "ideal men's faces as built by women" are averaged together the result looks like a well groomed, moderately healthy, young man, whom looks like a stereotypical pro-social, happy go lucky, singer or artist.[7] The consensus among the Incel Wiki Team is that men are able to accurately identify the physical traits women fantasize about in an short term partner but are effectively clueless, willfully ignorant, and or offended by the physical condition and facial characteristics of men women fantasize about having long term relationships with.

Still none of that solves factor X, as we still don't know what attracts "woman". Perhaps we should also look at facts beyond statistics in order to find the missing link.

Is physiognomy the X-Factor?[edit | edit source]

The Incel Wiki team has conducted hundreds of photo rating experiments, on popular rating sites, using pics of various stereotypical, as well as archetypal men. Archetypes such as: Soyboys, Jocks, Thugs, Prettyboys, Soldiers, Silver Foxes, Stoners, Boys Next Door, Male Models, Elderly Old Men, etc.

We have found physiognomy (a person physically looking like he or she has a specific underlying personality), to be the X-factor. We've found some rich men being seen as less physically attractive for their ostentatious displays of wealth, as this made them, according to women, "look arrogant." Some elderly old men, the type you'd see in nursing homes, (not all, some) are seen just as or more smart, trustworthy, and sexually attractive, physically, as top tier male supermodels like Sean O' Pry because these old men look "genuinely nice."

We even made a fake account on the popular dating site Plenty Of Fish, using 3 photos of a typical elderly old man whose pics were rated highly, 9/10 in intelligence, trust, and attractiveness. We put his age at 23 (despite him being over one hundred years old in reality) and his income in the lowest bracket and gave him just a high school education, so he would match with young women. The situation was explained to each woman we messaged that the age only says 23 for matching purposes, to clear up any confusion. About an hour after launch, the profile got 10 meet me notifications, based on the old man's profile photo alone. We scheduled a date with a 23-year-old black woman, in only a few messages, who referred to the elderly old man as handsome in 2 separate messages.

We also created a profile for him matching with older, middle-aged women. Although the older women were nowhere near as thirsty as the young women, the old women were ultimately just as willing to date. We've found some men with all the facial bone structure, features, height, build, and physical health of a top tier male model, be rated as below average looking, simply because women don't like a particular physiognomy that the men happen to have and not for any rational, health-related reason.

Ultimately, women don't primarily select for "good genes" (health, fertility, virility, etc.) in physical appearance. Instead, they select for men that look like they have X personality traits that these women find attractive. Hence the rise of soyboys and schlubby hubbies, as these men are physically perceived by women as being harmless, caring, nurturing, etc.

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