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Name: Rollo Tomassi (George W. Miller)
Date of Birth: April 2, 1969
Occupation: Author
Ethnicity: White

Rollo Tomassi is the sobriquet[1] used by an American graphic designer and PUA coach (although he claims not to be a PUA, writing, "I’m not in the business of cures, I’m in the business of diagnoses"[2]), and the author of "The Rational Male" series of books. Along with Roger Devlin, he likely is the main individual who popularized the term "hypergamy" in the non-academic usage of the term that is popular in the manosphere.

His ideas are influenced by his interpretation of evolutionary psychology (the works of Dr. Martie Haselton appears to have had a particularly strong influence on him) and standard PUA techniques.

Self-identified incels tend to identify Tomassi as fraudulent redpiller who tries to capitalize upon romantically starved males by selling them cheap dating tricks, while incels, especially blackpillers, perceive their dating issues to be of systemic nature, caused e.g. by a rise of lookism or the absence of marriage norms.

Views[edit | edit source]

He rejects the concept of the Blackpill (chiefly the fatalistic aspects of it), claiming that it merely represents an (ideally) transitional phase that someone goes through after being redpilled, writing:

See, there is no ‘Black Pill’ – there is only the space in between a man dealing with his despondency about a harsh Red Pill truth and his crossing the abyss to accepting that truth and doing something with that information to better his life.[3]

Tomassi's own definition of the Blackpill is that it is a nihilistic interpretation of the Redpill:

"(The Blackpill) as a movement focuses on objective realities to such an extreme degree that nihilism defines it. But that nihilism is also a necessary part of subjectivism."[4]

In the same article, he also seemed to evince a softening of his oppositional stance to the blackpill, comparing the blackpill to what he dubbed the "feel-good pill":

"It gets a lot wrong in the problem solving department, but what Black Pill gets right is their understanding of the shifting of causality."[4]

Thus, like those on the r/theredpill subreddit, which has his materials proudly displayed on it's sidebar, he generally advocates an internal locus of control (locus of control is whether you think you have power over the external world to change your situation versus vice versa) versus the external locus of control that the blackpill emphasizes.

Tomassi also touched upon what is known in the incelosphere as the racepill as follows:

I honestly feel for Asian/Indian men in this respect. When I read about Aziz Ansari’s #MeToo’ing I read with morbid fascination watching his story play out with another ‘cute’ (SMV6-7) white girl. This is the stereotypical interaction. With my Red Pill Lens I saw a girl conflicted by her attraction to Aziz’s social proof (celebrity) with her visceral reaction to becoming intimate with a guy she simply wasn’t all that aroused by. This is just my personal experience, but I’ve counseled Indian (and a few Asian) men who all share a very similar frustration – they really want to get with a white American girl but they are sexually invisible to the vast majority of them.

He acknowledges that looks matter in regards to female sexual attraction[5], unlike many associated with the PUA community, writing that women " [..] encourage men to think that “looks aren’t as important to women” so they’ll be more acceptable future providers while breeding in the short-term with men embodying their very specific physical ideal." He has also stated that sexual attraction is un-negotiable, but believes you can significantly increase your looks and thus SMV via bodybuilding as a typical male. He has also claimed that penis size is of great importance to women, as apparently indicated by women's first recourse when entering an argument with a man, often being to imply that the man in question has a small penis.

Writings regarding incels[edit | edit source]

After the Toronto van attack, Tomassi wrote a long article about incels[6]. He argued that incels are often used as ideological whipping-boys by many on the left and right in politics, describing incels as "lost boys" who typically weren't prepared to learn of harsh "redpilled" truths. He criticized the media coverage of the Toronto incident, saying that is not the manosphere that is chiefly responsible for incels' growing self-awareness regarding their plight, but the social escalation of women's "open hypergamy", as exemplified by online-dating apps such as Tinder. He summarized typical normie attitudes towards incels as such:

The truth of the matter is Incels have always been with us. They were the losers, the nerds (before they were told they were cool) and the guys who were Darwin’s dead ends. I knew dozens of them when I was growing up. I know many now, all of them building a life-theme around their life long confusion and misery of not figuring out women. I know a lot of married men today who are technically Incels in their marriages. We like to say they’re ‘unlucky’ in love or we’ll say “Don’t worry, you’re a great guy. Any girl would be lucky to have you. You’re just meeting the wrong kind of girls, just be yourself and it’ll happen for you.” Then we hope they don’t fixate on one of our girlfriend’s girlfriends and they go off to figure out how the real world works.

He blamed the incel problem on gynocentrism and a shift towards serial polyandry (or polygyny in other words). He said that incels view of the sexual marketplace (i.e. the blackpill, in his view) was correct, but he expressed disagreement as to the more prescriptive aspects of the blackpill.

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