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Name: Analyzing Male Slavery
Date of Birth: ?
Occupation: blogger/vlogger/?
Ethnicity: ? (British)

Analyzing Male Slavery is a British, non-Marxist MRA and former MGTOW who creates vlogs with a text-to-voice program. He leans left slightly, but rejects the political dichotomy and prefers the label, "pro-male" to, "MRA". Analyzing Male Slavery generally believes that women desire men far less than men desire them. Also also that women do not need men on a individual level. He believes that men and women are fundamentally incompatible, that women generally don't have the best interest of men in mind due to in-group bias and that monogamy is oppressive to men. He is extremely anti-trad-con. He also tends to become heated very easily (his reaction to this sentence may be proof of this). He is also a prolific user of alt accounts.

While he can be harsh towards incels, he is an extremely devoted advocate of men, and men can always count on him to be a non-violent defender of male issues.

On incels[edit | edit source]

While sympathetic to incels, Analyzing Male Slavery feels incels should give up chasing women and devote themselves to abolishing male genital mutilation. He feels that incels and MGTOWs are too women worshipping.

On trad-cons[edit | edit source]

As mentioned earlier, he HATES trad-cons

Rejecting anti-male language[edit | edit source]

He is very critical of words that are used to disparage men for being weak or words meant to attack the confidence of men, words such as cuck, soyboy, etc.

Voice[edit | edit source]

The reason for him using text-to-speech may just be for formulating thoughts as he has used his (angry) voice before in podcasts.

Politics[edit | edit source]

UBI support[edit | edit source]

Analyzing Male Slavery supports a basic universal income as he sees it as pro-male, and he sees the opponents of it as opposing it because they are anti-male

Activism[edit | edit source]

Analyzing Male Slavery is very activist oriented. Spending most of his time organizing people to manipulate the comments sections of various sites. His primary concern is helping with the mantactivist movement. Analyzing Male Slavery believes people like Karen Straughan are co-opting the MRA movement by putting politics before men's issues, and inappropriately injecting anti-male political positions. He also asserts that MGTOW has been largely co-opted by trad-cons posing as MGTOW, which led to him disassociating himself with the movement.

He also criticizes the Honey Badger Radio crew for what he regards as 'conspiracies' they have about Marxism, namely the idea of a 'cultural Marxism' purportedly invented by the Frankfurt School of Marxism, a common assertion among rightists. Analyzing Male Slavery has strongly argued against and attempted to debunk this theory in his videos. Even though Analyzing Male Slavery is also anti-Marxist.

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