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Name: Analyzing Male Slavery
Date of Birth: ?
Occupation: blogger/vlogger/?
Ethnicity: ? (British)

Analyzing Male Slavery was a British, MRA and former MGTOW who created vlogs with a text-to-voice program. He leaned left slightly, but rejected the political dichotomy and preferred the label "pro-male" to "MRA". Analyzing Male Slavery generally believed that women desire men far less than men desire them. As well as that women do not need men on a individual level. He believed that men and women are fundamentally incompatible, that women generally don't have the best interest of men in mind due to in-group bias and that monogamy is oppressive to men. He was extremely anti-trad-con.

As of March 2021, his Youtube account has been terminated and no backups of his videos can be found online. He has a major beef with Coltaine:

He makes sock puppets and attacks others!

Messenger Rising also makes some earth shattering conclusions:

On Incels[edit | edit source]

While sympathetic to Incels, Analyzing Male Slavery felt Incels should give up chasing women and devote themselves to abolishing male genital mutilation. Positing that Incels and MGTOWs are too women worshipping.

UBI support[edit | edit source]

Analyzing Male Slavery supported a basic universal income as he saw it as pro-male, and that the opponents of it did so because they are anti-male.

Activism[edit | edit source]

Analyzing Male Slavery was very activist oriented. Spending most of his time organizing people to manipulate the comments sections of various sites. His primary concern was helping with the mantactivist movement. Analyzing Male Slavery believed people like Karen Straughan were co-opting the MRA movement by putting politics before men's issues, and inappropriately injecting anti-male political positions. He also asserts that MGTOW had been largely co-opted by trad-cons posing as MGTOW, which led to him disassociating himself with the movement.

He also criticized the Honey Badger Radio crew for what he regards as 'conspiracies' they have about Marxism, namely the idea of a 'cultural Marxism' purportedly invented by the Frankfurt School of Marxism, a common assertion among rightists. Strongly arguing against and attempting to debunk this theory in his videos, despite him also being anti-Marxist.

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