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The Pro-male collective is an activist group on YouTube and wordpress that focuses on anti-feminism, men's rights, anti-trad-conism and anti-circumcision. They are not an incel-centric collective, while having opinions about incels, as they lean towards other men's rights issues. The leaders and members are not necessarily incels.

YouTube[edit | edit source]

They have many YouTube channels and organize through Google hangouts. Most of their channels use a text-to-speech program, but some use their real voices. They have major beef with Turd Flinging Monkey and other MGTOWs they see as tradcon.

Origin[edit | edit source]

They have an origin in some of the earliest anti-feminism blogs, and the atheist/skeptic commmunity, then went into the MGTOW space, and are now in the MRA space. They are best seen as sort of a hybrid of MGTOW, MRA, and anti-traditionalism.

Youtubers this collective likes[edit | edit source]

Solutions[edit | edit source]

Some things they do stand for that is not defined by opposition to something... is a UBI and a call for equal parenting (ie both parents work just as hard), and occasionally they lean towards male separatist type opinions, but deny they do so.

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