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Honey Badger Radio is a popular MRA podcast.

Crew[edit | edit source]

  • Della Burton, author of Breaking the Glasses.
  • Diana Davison, founder of Community Organized Compassion and Kindness otherwise known as COCK.
  • Karen Straughan, otherwise known as Girl Writes What, blogs at Owning Your Shit and runs one of the most popular men's rights Yyoutube channels.
  • Alison Tieman, otherwise known as Typhonblue, who blogs at Genderratic.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Honey Badger Radio represents the voices of four female members of the Men's Rights Community. (...) HBR covers a wide range of social issues, from feminist incursion into geek/gamer culture, gynocentrism, dating, rape hysteria and, of course, men's rights.

Della Burton, one of the "Honey Badger" group's co-founders, describes their activities as a rational response to irrational circumstances. "For decades, we've watched gender ideologues use the mantle of proxy-victim status as a battering ram to destroy the perception of men and boys as human, in order to justify an increasing legal and social trend of marginalizing men's and boys' experiences and violating their civil and human rights. We're fed up with seeing our male friends and family demonized and discriminated against, and our communities, local and beyond, damaged and handicapped by false female victim politics. Ideologues of more than one stripe are attacking male humanity under the guise of 'supporting women'. We see through their garbage, and we're here to call them out on it." According to noted men's advocate Paul Elam, publisher of A Voice for Men, the Honey Badger Brigade began on A Voice for Men with a letter challenging Boston Globe columnist Cathy Young to support the Men's Rights Movement. Since then the group has gone on to start their own radio show through A Voice for Men Radio and has now formed their own separate web site and YouTube channel. "I'm proud to have helped the Honey Badger Brigade get their start," said AVfM publisher Elam, "and we plan to keep supporting them by hosting their show on our radio channel as long as they want to do it, and to support them in their other endeavors in any way we can. This is a movement for everybody of every race, creed, color, national origin, and sex."

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