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An ethnicel is an ethnic minority or visible minority who feels that having melanated skin and the subsequent sexual racism has contributed to their inceldom. Whereas "ethnicel" is the countable noun, the mass uncountable noun equivalent is "ethniceldom". There are many subsets of ethniceldom, including blackcel, currycel, slavcel and ricecel. Collectively, they all tend to discuss colorism in the dating scene to some extent or another.

The most controversial practise postulated by some ethnicels is whitemaxxing.

Convention[edit | edit source]

Some ethnicels get really annoyed when they witness allotriorasty (one's kin or co-national engaging in relationships with foreign nationals). Ethnicels who are blackpilled refer to themselves as JBWers, in reference to the JBW theory. The adamence with which ethnicels believe in the JBW theory sometimes gets them accused of being a forerunner, or at least a major instigator of the incelosphere rifts.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Statistics show that the largest English-speaking incelosphere forums have an underrepresentation of Whites with Asians being particularly overrepresented (see demographics).

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