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There is no single, overarching, "incel community". Incels do not make a single community any more than, for example, trans people are a single community.

Further clarification[edit | edit source]

You may argue incels are a class of people, as you can arrange anyone into a theoretical class, but incels are not an organization. Incels are simply anyone who can't get laid despite approaching a wide variety of people.

Virgin shaming by media[edit | edit source]

The media often disingenuously tries to paint all hard up men people as a terroristic singular community, by capitalizing "incel" as,"Incel" outside the start of a sentence. Or pretending incel is an acronym, like "INCEL", to take advantage the fact that the word' "incel" is accidentally linguistically similar to the word, "ISIS", to provoke fear of involuntary virgins. Essentially a sophisticated form of involuntary virgin shaming.

Aybees[edit | edit source]

The only real cohesive incel community anywhere on the web is arguably the aybee (Absolute Beginners) community of Germany. Most other platforms have some sort of incelosphere rift going on.

Colloquial use of the term "the incel community"[edit | edit source]

knajjd, Master,[1][2] and mental_out[3] have colloquially referred to "the incel community", but this does not imply a single organization or cohesive group any more than, say, the use of the term "the scientific community" or "the international community" does.

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