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Re-read all your sources and get rid of the bullshit. You are not reading your sources. This is an important subject --admin

Game is being attractive through smooth, charismatic behavior and speaking with flow and elegance, much like dance, music or poetry. This is not to be confused with negging or acting aggressively, which are copes for people that don't have game. Just like the way a person looks, and dresses, speech and behavior can be beautiful as well.

Most lookism theorists and lookist blackpillers think game is mostly determined by one's looks, and can hardly be improved for most incels. I.e. they believe good looking people are allowed to express themselves more than ugly people, and hence develop a more compelling demeanor.

Indeed all face to face game is a combination of physical attractiveness, vocal attractiveness, gait attractiveness, social status attractiveness, and smell attractiveness. Attractive dancing, attractive singing, attractive hobbies, attractive fashion, attractive posing, attractive posturing, as well as attractive facial, attractive vocal, and attractive body expressions, are all icing on the cake so to speak. As ugly men that do attractive things are called creepy. Still even Gigachad can improve on txting game, as txting attractiveness is determined by speech pattern and actual word usage.

Autists lack game[edit | edit source]

Individuals with mental conditions, like Asperger's syndrome talk and act in a awkward manner which is for the most part not beautiful. Autists, in particular, have an excessively hyper-masculine communication style, with no sense of flair or aesthetic. Autists often respond in a delayed fashion and have facial expressions that mismatch with their speech content. This is often perceived as rude, blunt and direct. Autists also excessively use the personal pronouns I, you, he, she, it, me, him, her. And scarcely use the pronouns we, they, us, them. So autists come off as selfish, self centered, and lacking in empathy, contributing to their lack of likability.

This communication style makes them bearable in any area were status is determined by rank and competence, instead of likability, such as in the military, but they struggle with friendships, and maintaining useful connections and relationships. Due to halo effect, beautiful people are often forgiven, if they have no game.

Texting/conversation game[edit | edit source]

Style and presentation is an essential part of game. One way of improving texting as well as conversation game is to leave out personal pronouns "I, you, he, she, it, me, him, her" and replace them with nicknames such as "bud, a person, bro, man, sweetheart". Or leave them out entirely.

For example instead of "Are you going to the grocery store today?" Use "When will the groceries be bought?" This puts focus on the groceries which is the intent of the conversation and doesn't insinuate in any way that the other person was supposed to get the groceries, which can cause conflict. An attractive speech pattern is not necessarily feminine, or neurotypical, but descriptive, narrative, and storyteller like.

Attractive vs unattractive speech patterns[edit | edit source]

Amazing pick-up line:

"Sweetheart, just cuz a man's intimidating doesn't mean the guy's a bad person. Well, maybe, but good things come in rough packages, sometimes. Now, a sweetheart deserves someone to love and a man deserves the same. In the manosphere we tend to associate with the masculine, with strength, with power and that's all very appealing, but that's not where real love comes from.""


Autistic pick-up line:

"I'm a little intimidating but I'm actually a good person. Well maybe i'm not, but I do good things and I have good morals. Your the sweetheart. Your beautiful. You deserve someone to love you for you and for the person you are. You're the most perfect girl in the world, just try and love yourself. You are beautiful. You deserve to have the love of your life in your world."


Autistic advertising:

"Welcome to my user page! I mainly help maintaining the Scientific Blackpill as well as related articles such as Hypergamy and Blackpill, but I'm also overall wiki janitor.

My personal profile can be found here.

Note: If you are not a wiki user, please use the following link:

What Is Misandry

Misandry is a social concept developed by feminists to describe the hatred and oppression of men in general, and of men by women in particular. Misandry is not a concept that arose out of nowhere. It was already present in feminist thought and activism at least as early as the first few decades of the 20th century. The concept of misandry was originally a feminist concept, and the word "misandry" itself was coined by a prominent feminist writer in 1926."


  • Notice that the speech pattern uses an excessive amount of first person I, me, it pronouns, and the person prefers to simply list facts. There is no rhythm or flow. This is great for writing science articles, an evolutionary novel activity, that autists excel at, but terrible for communicating with other people, and being likeable.

Attractive advertising

"Welcome! Maintaining the Scientific Blackpill as well as related articles such as Hypergamy and Blackpill are of utmost importance. As well as wiki janitoring.

This Wiki is dedicated to the preservation of truth and the promotion of a knowledge based society and the free flow of information. The is a non-profit project by a former employee that strives to expose the Blackpill.

Black Pill – The ultimate social experiment. is a site dedicated to the promotion of the scientific black pill and is not endorsed by the author. This is a work in progress.

The Author is an ex-employee of the Black Pill, Inc.

" The best defense against mental slavery is knowledge." – Aristotle

The original and the wiki that has been made as a replacement are now under the control of and the parent company."


  • Notice how when the personal tone is removed, the speech pattern becomes purely descriptive, storyteller, narrative like,and much more enjoyable to read and interesting. Facts are still listed, although now there's a sense of style, rhythm, flow, and finesse.

Chad speech pattern pick-up:

"Will those long, chocolate legs buckle while that ass gets pounded? Will that tight wet pussy be able to handle this monster cock? Cuz This big dick can fill that hole for sure, baby. We can't just fuck we have to fuck HARD. Only a real woman can fuck with this stud!"

Chad Thundercock

Autistic virgin speech pattern pickup

"Will those long chocolate legs buckle while I'm bending you over? No? Ok. Well I'l try again later. But now I want to taste you. I want to hear you moan, and you know how much I love hearing you moan. Yes, I'll keep trying to bend you over. I think I can get you to do it. I can see that your ass is really fat and i love that about you. Don't fight it, you know you want me to. You can feel my hard cock pushing against your ass right now! I know it feels good, just let me fuck! Your pushing me away? What are you doing that for?"

Billy Betabux

Phonaesthetics[edit | edit source]

Is the study of beauty and attractiveness associated with the sounds of certain languages, words and or parts of words and is a very important part of texting as well as conversation game. Elegant, high status, fancy words like luminescence are more attractive than words like guttural. With the most attractive word in the English language being selador.[1] Also a study done in 1995 by David Crystal, determined exactly what type of words sound attractive to the ear.

  • Words with three or more syllables (e.g., goss·a·mer and mel·o·dy)
  • Stress on the first syllable e.g., góssamer (GO-ssamer) and mélody (ME-lody)
  • /l/ is the most common consonant phoneme, followed by /m, s, n, k, t, d/, then a huge drop-off before others consonants (e.g., luminous contains the first four)
  • Short vowels (e.g., the schwa, followed in order by the vowels in bid, bed, and bad) are favored over long vowels and diphthongs (e.g., as in bide, bode, bowed)

Three or more manners of articulation (with approximant consonants the most common, followed by stop consonants, and so on) A perfect example word, according to these findings, is tremulous. Crystal also suggests the invented words ramelon /ˈræməlɒn/ and drematol /ˈdrɛmətɒl/, which he notes are similar to the types of names often employed in the marketing of pharmaceutical drugs.[2]

A quick and easy way to improve ones attractiveness is to start using an attractively named alias. For example, the name Lucien Labellous is automatically perceived as attractive, high class, and royal of European descent. Same for a name of Middlle Eastern descent, such as Aramar Jadavra. Or a name of African descent like Zomar Kovaku. Or finally, a name of Asian descent like Minkkhanadori Sensisimoor.

A study on phonemic sounds done in 2017 showed people overwhelmingly rate fantasy languages as more attractive than real life languages, and that some fantasy languages are more attractive than other fantasy languages.[3]

A survey done in 2019 showed the most sexually attractive real life accent in the world is the Kiwi accent of people living in Australia.[4] However, based on the attractiveness studies above, a fantasy accent is likely to be far more attractive than any real life accent.

Kiwi vs Hero accent[edit | edit source]


Attractive high IQ and creativity game[edit | edit source]

Popular high IQ topics are attractive[edit | edit source]

High IQ is objectively attractive. One study showed that an IQ of 120 (90th percentile) is the most sexually attractive IQ score, and no gender differences were observed.[5] Both above and below 120 is deemed as less attractive.[6]

Anecdotally, women with IQ's at least slightly higher than average (IQ 105+) find certain IQ 120 topics and subjects extremely attractive such as. Metaphysics, the occult, esoteric teachings, universal teachings, vibration and frequency, etc. Where as women with IQ's below 105 prefer the exact same topics only simplified. For example, zodiac signs instead of metaphysics, mainstream religion instead of the occult, pop culture, etc.

Highly fertile women are attracted to creativity over wealth[edit | edit source]

This study showed that women at peak fertility (high risk of pregnancy) are more attracted to high levels of creativity for short term mating than for wealth.[7]

Quote from the study: Forty-one normally cycling women read vignettes describing creative but poor men vs. uncreative but rich men. Women’s estimated fertility predicted their short-term (but not long-term) preference for creativity over wealth, in both their desirability ratings of individual men (r=.40, p<.01) and their forced-choice decisions between men (r=.46, p<.01).

A study on the attractiveness of creativity showed that creativity is objectively attractive, and has the greatest effect on attractiveness when the man in question is average in physical attractiveness. The more physically attractive, the less boosting creativity is to overall attractiveness. Although even at the highest extremes of physical attractiveness, high creativity does improve overall attractiveness although, only slightly.[8]

Example of creative writing used from the study:

The first idea that this picture made me think of was blind love. Made me think about how in our society we spend a lot of time judging people by how they look. it conjures images of how single people can spend hours upon hours on dating websites scrolling through images of people and judging their physical appearance over substance.

It is perhaps an indicator that looks fade and in the end it does better as you will always be left with the personality of someone. It also made me think that even if you are in a relationship with someone, perhaps you don't know who this person really is what thoughts and feelings they have down may not be shown on the surface. The main imagery I get from this is that you perhaps should not judge people at face value.

Example of un-creative writing used from the study:

This is a picture of a man and woman whom appear to be kidnapped somewhere in there home. Perhaps? Going by the Cornish work in the background. Are they being held hostage? The man dressed in a suit looks like a professional or has he come back from a funeral as he is dressed in a black suit white shirt and black tie.

It seems they have white cloth pillowcases over their heads to blind them from their environment. They are standing close to one another and appeared to be kissing each other. It could be their final kiss and a goodbye gesture or is it the message that love is blind?

As one can clearly see the lack of creativity is directly referring to an unattractive speech pattern, (autistic) speech pattern. Also autistic speech pattern as per the studies results, does not hinder Chads or Gigachads from being successful.

Scientifically creative behaviors[edit | edit source]

The Development of the Creative Behavior Inventory (CBI). Created in 1979, compiled a list of activities and achievements considered as creative by laymen, 239 graduate and undergraduate students named their three most creative accomplishments and activities in each of six areas: mathematics and science; music; fine arts; performing arts; and literature.

This resulted in a 198-item list, which was rated from 1 (least creative) to 11 (most creative) by another group of 50 college students. Ninety items were retained--those with a mean creativity rating of over 5.7, and those with a standard deviation below 2.7 (indicating reliability of judges ratings).

The number of times the activity occurred during adolescence and adulthood was rated, with the exclusion of activities required as part of required school coursework. Six subscales were identified: fine arts; crafts; literature; music; performing arts; and mathematics-science. Internal consistency reliability ranged from .63 to .89.

Three subscales and fifteen miscellaneous items did not meet the standards for reliability and discriminant validity. (Each subscale and the 90-item inventory are appended.) (GDC)[9]

Activities and Accomplishments Rated as Highly Creative, in Literature, Music and the Crafts in order from most to least creative

Literature .

  • 1. Worked as an editor for a newspaper or similar organization
  • 2. Worked as an editor for a school or university, literally publication
  • 3. Founded a literary magazine or similar publication
  • 4. Had a piece of literature.(e.g. poem, short story, etc.) published in a school of university publication .
  • 5. Wrote poetry
  • 6. wrote the lyrics to a song
  • 7.Had a piece of literature (e.g. poem, short story, etc.) published in a school or university publication
  • 8. Wrote clever or humorous letters
  • 9. Started but.did not finish a novel
  • 10. Wrote and completed a novel
  • 11. Won an award for same achievement in literature
  • 12. Participated in a writers workshop club, or similar organization
  • 13. Wrote a short story
  • 14. Wrote something humorous such as jokes, limericks, satire, etc.


  • 1. Gave a music recital
  • 2. Wrote music for one instrument
  • 3. Wrote music for several instruments ,
  • 4. Cut a record
  • 5. Won an award for musical accomplishments
  • 6. Was a participating member of a symphony orchestra
  • 7. Entered a contest as a musician'
  • 8. Had original music published or publicly performed performed
  • 9. Played a percussion instrument (including piano) with a reasonable degree of proficiency
  • 10. Played a brass Instrument with a reasonable degree of proficiency
  • 11. Played a, string instrument with &reasonable degree of proficiency
  • 12. Played a wire instrument with a reasonable degree of proficiency


  • 1. Made a craft out of metal
  • 2. Made candles
  • 3. Designed and made your own greeting cards
  • 4. Built a hanging mobile
  • 5. Constructed and put on a puppet show
  • 6. Received an award for making a craft . -
  • 7. Made a craft out of plastic, Plexiglas, stained glass, or a similar material
  • 8. Made a leather craft
  • 9. Made a ceramic, craft .
  • 10. Designed and made a piece,of clothing
  • 11. Cooked an original dish
  • 12. Prepared an original floral arrangement
  • 13. Made jewelry
  • 14. Planned and kept a garden
  • 15. Designed and constructed a craft out of wood
  • 16. Designed and made a costume
  • 17. Participated in a craft workshop
  • 18. Made your own holiday decorations
  • 19. Knitted or crocheted something,

Activities and Accomplishments Rated as Highly Creative in. Art, Math and Science, the Performing Arts


  • 1. Painted an original picture
  • 2. Made a sculpture
  • 3. Received an award for artistic accomplishment
  • 4. Made cartoons
  • 5. Drew a picture for aesthetic reasons
  • 6. Had artwork published. in a school or university publication
  • 7. Had art work published (not in a school or university publication)
  • 8. Kept a sketchbook

Math and Science

  • 1. Constructed something that required scientific knowledge such as a radio, telescope, scientific apparatus, etc:
  • 2. Presented an original mathematics paper to a professional or special interest group
  • 3. Had a mathematics paper- published
  • 4. Developed a design for a scientific experiment
  • 5. Entered a project or paper into a science contest
  • 6. Applied math in an original way to solve a practical problem
  • 7. Wrote an original computer program
  • 8. Won an award for a scientific project or paper .
  • 9. Entered a mathematical paper or project into a contest.
  • 10. Had a scientific paper published

Performing Arts

  • 1. Received an award for acting
  • 2. Received an award for performance in modern dance or ballet
  • 3. Received an award for performance in popular dance
  • 4. choreographed a dance
  • 5. Put on a radio show
  • 6. Performed a ballet or modern dance in a show or contest
  • 7. Assisted in the design of a set for a dramatic production
  • 8. Had a role in a dramatic production
  • 9. Entered a contest as a singer
  • 10. Directed or managed a dramatic production
  • 11. Participated in a drama workshop, club or similar organization
  • 12. Participated in a dance workshop, club or similar organization

Humor and comedy[edit | edit source]

Multiple studies done on the importance of humor and physical attractiveness for different types of relationships, showed only physically attractive men, expressing humor were rated as more desirable than non-humorous individuals for a serious relationship and marriage. Humorous individuals were perceived to be more cheerful but less intellectual than non-humorous individuals.[10][11] A different study found, self-deprecating humor by high-status presenters (but not low-status presenters) increased long-term attractiveness for both sexes.[12]

Max attractiveness singing[edit | edit source]

A study done on men's speaking voice attractiveness vs singing attractiveness showed that singing in a high voice, is generally just as attractive as singing in a low voice and the style of singing is the deciding factor in max attractiveness at the extremes.[13] For example, the results show women most prefer both short term and long term men to sing in a sloooooow, smooooooth, calm manner with a deep voice (Barry white type singing, basically). Note that this is only for singing. In a speaking voice women prefer the man to talk a lot, in a relaxed tone. Interestingly, the study also showed that men prefer other male friends to be singers that sing aggressively with passion (how heavy metal singers sing), but in a high voice and that these friends are ideal as a partner in a fight against enemies(short-term alliance),and on a one-year Antarctic expedition (long-term alliance). Meaning that pop singers appeal to both men and women. So one attempting to singmax should listen to and learn to sing like sloooooow, smooooooth, calm deep-voiced men. {{#ev:youtube|}} Multiple studies show that being a musician enhances percieved physical attractiveness. For example, Three hundred young women were solicited in the street for their phone number by a young male confederate who held either a guitar case or a sports bag in his hands or had no bag at all. Results showed that holding a guitar case was associated with greater compliance to the request.[14][15][16][17]

Max attractiveness gait[edit | edit source]

The maximum attractiveness gait. From the front and side. The maximumly attractive male gait was discovered using state of the art motion capture technology, at Bio Motion Labs. More in depth information is on the gait article. here Biomotion lab website here {{#ev:youtube|}} {{#ev:youtube|}}

Max attractiveness dancing[edit | edit source]

Studies on physical strength and dance attractiveness show a positive relationship between mens hand grip strength and dance attractiveness. stronger men that display larger, more variable and faster arm movements are rated as better dancers. Also hand grip strength is positively correlated with reproductive success.[18][19]

  • Women are most attracted to male dancers whom have a thrill and adventure seeking, dis inhibited, boredom susceptible personality.[20]
  • High-masculine dancers were judged higher on attractiveness around ovulation than on other cycle days, whilst no such perceptual difference was found for low-masculine dancers.[21]
  • A study was actually done on what freestyle (non-choreographed) male dance moves are actually attractive to women. By using cutting-edge motion-capture technology, the researchers found that the more varied and vigorous a mans movements in the central body regions (head, neck and torso) as well as higher speed of right knee movements, the more attractive women rated the man's dancing, with 80% of the variance in attractiveness related to only these factors. In layman's terms, head banging and head thrusting, as well as stretching the neck back and forth rhythmically is attractive to women. Puffing out the chest and then back in and then back out is attractive to women (basically twerking but with the chest), flexing the abdominal muscles rhythmically in a wave like motion is attractive to women. Moving the shoulders back and forth (in order to move the upper torso) is attractive to women, and thrusting with the pelvis is attractive to women (in order to move the lower torso). rhythmically bending the right knee in accordance to the beat is attractive to women. Also a faster, more energetic song, will lead to a more attractive male dancer due to movement being more vigorous.[22] A well choreographed routine using these movements would elicit super-stimulus in women (be extremely attractive). Also as with walking and running gait, exaggerated technique should be most attractive when viewed from the front and back, and a comparatively more "averaged" or "neutral" technique (same moves though) most attractive when viewed from the side.

Max attractiveness fighting[edit | edit source]

Ritualized, choreographed "play" fighting looks attractive for both men and women, hence the international popularity of sports entertainment like professional wrestling. However actual fighting for example, street fights are seen as either unattractive or neutral, due to the sloppy execution and focus on legitimate injury, over finesse and style. Still, winning fights increases reproductive success even when fights are staged, and even the losers attain more reproductive success than non competitors. This is only for males though. As for females, any athletic activity, dramatically reduces chances of ever having children (which makes athletic males exceptionally rare due to athletic genes almost only being passed down from the male lineage).

A study done in 2009 investigated the reproductive success of men competing in a traditional ritual fight, Sereer wrestling, the first study of its kind. Involvement in wrestling had a significant positive effect on men’s number of offspring and a marginally significant effect on polygyny, controlling for age, body condition and socio‐economic status. These positive effects suggest that being involved in wrestling competition provides prestige, facilitating access to mates and thereby increasing fecundity. However, when women were interviewed on their preference concerning qualities of potential mates, the quality ‘being involved in wrestling competition’ was poorly ranked. This discrepancy may arise either from deceptive reports or from discordance between parents and daughters in the choice of a husband. Another possible explanation of this discrepancy between female preferences and mating success may be that selection is not acting through female choices, but rather through male–male competition: the prestige acquired by wrestlers may dissuade other men from competing for the same female. [23]

Max attractiveness body-building[edit | edit source]

A study by Kordsmeyer et al. 2018 found that men's mating success (defined as "an aggregate of participants' number of sexual partners within the last twelve months, lifetime number of one-night stands and of sexual partners without relationship interest") among university students was only related to how dominant other men perceived them. Women's attractiveness ratings were not predictive.[24]

Very likely that these findings would replicate in any institution (middle school, high school, at work, in prison, etc.). The issue is, the overwhelming majority of dating is done online now, outside of institutions, away from any physical male intrasexual competition. Thus leading to the rise of gymcels as well as androgyny. Still women find muscles and physical dominance attractive irrespective of male intrasexual competition.

Researchers Aaron Sell, Aaron W. Lukazsweski and Michael Townsley in a blind, academic, peer-reviewed study, found that cues of upper body strength account for most of the variance in men's bodily attractiveness [25] Meaning that women do not really care about chicken legs!

In the study, women were asked to rate photos of men, and while height and leanness played a role, perceived strength played the largest role in which pictures women picked, with women choosing the men they perceived as stronger, and not ones they perceived as weaker. In fact, the women never chose weaker men, and there was no nuance to the results.

Zero of the 160 women surveyed showed a statistical, actual preference for weaker men.[26]

Scientifically attractive smells[edit | edit source]

Body[edit | edit source]

A study done in 20011 showed that armpit odor pleasantness was the single attribute that consistently predicted attractiveness of nonverbal behavior.[27] In laymen's terms the better smelling the mans armpits the more attractive, his gait, as well as any other nonverbal movement, and armpit smell is the most important factor of nonverbal attractiveness. One study found pine is an objectively, generally attractive smell.[28] 3 studies found the smell of flowers to be sexually attractive to women.[29][30]

Breath[edit | edit source]

There are no scientific studies on attractive breath smells for men as of 2020 A.D.

Smoking[edit | edit source]

A scientific study on smoking and attractiveness showed, smokers prefer smokers and nonsmokers prefer nonsmokers, although smokers in general were rated less attractive. Physical attractiveness ratings were not influenced by status.[31]

Another study where,two hundred twenty-nine subjects watched videotapes of men and women smoking or not smoking as part of a study on first impressions. The results indicated that (a) smoking models were perceived as more sexually active than nonsmokers regardless of the subjects' smoking status; (b) smoking female models were seen as less likable, less attractive, and less healthy than nonsmoking female models, whereas no such differences emerged between smoking and nonsmoking male models; and (c) although women reported no differences in their preference to engage in intimate behavior (e.g., petting, kissing) as a function of the male model's smoking status, men preferred to engage in such intimate behaviors more with nonsmoking females than with smoking females.[32]

Scientifically fashionable[edit | edit source]

Clothes[edit | edit source]

Main fashion article here

A scientific study done on fashionability of clothing color combinations showed that in 2014, moderately color-matched clothing was more fashionable than highly color-matched or low color-matched clothing. The color combination deemed most fashionable were two layers of purple over the torso and a white shirt and white pants.[33] The results of the study suggest that among men certain colors may have been more fashionable than others, in 2014 where the study took place, white and dark purple especially so.

A study done in Korea on men's fashion examined the differences in impression formation according to accessories and hairstyles, and investigated the relation between men's appearance and occupation, as well as attractiveness inferences. The subjects were 320 female university students residing in the Seoul metropolitan area.[34] The study determined a sporty (spiky) hairstyle to be more attractive than a classic (swept back/wavy,comb-over) hairstyle, a red tie to be more attractive than both a blue tie and no tie, and metal rimmed glasses to be more attractive than no glasses. Anecdotally, mixing styles seems to result in less fashionability, for example, a spiky hairstyle does not seem to mesh well with regal attire also a swept back/wavy,comb-over hairstyle as well as glasses and or a tie do not seem to mesh well when one is wearing athletic attire such as a varstiy lettermans jacket. {{#ev:youtube|}}

Body hair[edit | edit source]

A study done on "Preference for human male body hair changes across the menstrual cycle and menopause" examined the effect of male torso hairiness on Finnish women’s attractiveness ratings by presenting pictures of male torsos before and after the removal of body hair. The study found that the women’s preferences correlated strongly with the hairiness of their current partners, suggesting that body hair may play a role in actual mate choice.

The results of the study also found that when the women’s fertility was highest, they preferred males with less body hair and that postmenopausal women demonstrated stronger preferences relating to male body hair than did premenopausal women. The study suggests that in the fertile period of their cycle, Finnish women prefer more the trait that is the current Western ideal (the study was done in the year 2010) of male beauty (hairlessness) than the trait that is traditionally (albeit incorrectly) seen as a symbol of high testosterone levels and masculinity.

Thus, the phase of the menstrual cycle may affect the strength and direction of female preference even for traits that are not “good genes” indicators and whose preference may be culturally based. Interestingly, the hairiness of the women’s fathers correlated positively with that of their current mates. This suggests that women’s preferences as to male hairiness may be partly the result of sexual imprinting on paternal body hair and/or that this preference is heritable.[35]

A study on human Physique and Sexual Attractiveness in men and women in New Zealand and United States found that in both countries, the image lacking any trunk hair was rated as the most attractive, with a steady decline in attractiveness as hirsutism became more pronounced. amount and distribution of masculine trunk hair (chest and abdominal) was altered progressively in a series of front-posed male figures.[36]

Beard hair[edit | edit source]

The results of beard studies are mixed, as no study found an empirical facial hair style that is most attractive. The only conclusions for facial hair one can draw from official beard studies are that any facial hair is more attractive than no facial hair and full- heavy beards are most attractive to women looking for a long term relationship.[37][38][39][40] Anecdotally, physiognomy experiments done by the Incel wiki team, show a light stubble mustache, and an extremely chiseled jaw, chin, and neck that are clean shaven, is most attractive for women looking for short term and medium term relationships. As chiseled jaws, chins and necks are part of a high trust physiognomy.

Tattoos and piercings[edit | edit source]

Numerous studies show that women whom have tattoos and or piercings find men with tattoos and piercings as more sexually attractive (just because the guys have tats and piercings). Thus one can tatoomaxx to appeal more to a niche group of women. Although pierced and tattooed men and women are overwhelmingly viewed as less trustworthy (not good for attractiveness) and to have anti-social characteristics (very good for attractiveness), these traits are maxxed when the guy has face tattoos.[41][42][43][44][45][46][47][48]

Anecdotally, one should get tattoos that mean absolutely nothing, and are just there for aesthetics. Tribal tattoos are a safe bet. Have the tattoos be symmetrical in that the same tattoo on the left arm should also go on the right arm. This includes the face as well. Teardrops under both eyes for example. Not just one. Same rules for any other body modifications as well.

Head hair[edit | edit source]

A study on men's head hair attractiveness showed, the profiles of females who preferred short-haired males could be described as conservative in orientation, while the profiles of females who preferred long-haired males could be described as liberal in orientation.[49]

Anecdotally, medium hair length seems to be the most generally attractive, as in enough hair on top of the head for women to slide both their hands through, with hair on the sides noticeably shorter but not too short (stereotypical male model haircut basically). We can grow out our hair to cover up large ears and or grow a bang if our faces are long (low FWHR). Long hair seems to be exceptionally attractive only when the man in question is also exceptionally lean, muscular, and has an objectively masculine, aesthetic face. (Romance novel cover model basically).

The results for hair color did not replicate, meaning there is no known most attractive male hair color.[50][51]Anecdotally, any hair color is more attractive than white or grey.

Eyelashes[edit | edit source]

A study on eyelash length and fullness showed that men are not seen as more attractive with longer, fuller eyelashes.[52] Despite not being more attractive longer, fuller, eyelashes do increase trust physiognomy.

Nails[edit | edit source]

There are no scientific studies on the attractiveness of men's nails as of 2020 A.D.

Eyebrow hairs[edit | edit source]

There are no scientific studies on the attractiveness of men's eyebrow hairs of 2020 A.D.

Lips[edit | edit source]

Interestingly, this study showed that women rate bright lips on a male as more feminine (currently unknown if this means more or less attractive.)[53]

Teeth whitening[edit | edit source]

3 scientific studies showed that teeth whitening does not improve physical attractiveness, although does increase perception of a positive personality.[54][55][56]

Contact lenses[edit | edit source]

A study concluded that blue eyes are objectively attractive, as per the stereotype. [57] This is related to the fact that with blue eyes during the day the pupil is most clearly visible. Also, a study concluded blue eyes do not increase trust physiognomy.[58]

Anecdotally, blue eye contact lenses look most generally attractive during the day, while pitch black contact lenses look most sexually attractive during the night due to the iris and pupil looking one and the same. (The illusion of gigantic pupils).

2 studies show that darker and larger limbal rings around the eyes are more attractive. The study showed women actually, have a revulsion toward faces that lack limbal rings! Especially in a short term mating context.[59][60] Limbal ring thickness fades with age.

Contact lens maxxing can be done rather cheaply as large limbal ring contact lens can be bought easily from a simple Google search.

Sclera (whites of the eyes)[edit | edit source]

In a study on sclera cues for healthiness, attractiveness and age. Individuals with red and yellow sclera were rated to be less healthy, less attractive, and older than individuals with untinted control sclera. Individuals with whitened, “super-white” sclera were rated as younger, although not more healthy or attractive, than controls.[61] Eye whitening drops are available online for a fairly cheap price.

Skin maxxing[edit | edit source]

Multiple studies show that the majority of women prefer a darker skin complexion than the average of whatever race they are most attracted too. (Dark skinned white men, dark skinned black men, dark skinned asian men, etc.) Also, skin high in orange Carotenoids but not red and yellow is most attractive for men. Orange carotenoids come from Apricots, cantaloupe, mango, nectarines, oranges, peaches, Persimmons, tangerines, butternut, squash, carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, orange, peppers, and orange tomatoes. Also a youthful, supple, uniform skin complexion is also rated as most attractive. Also on men a large cut at just the right angle over the face improves attractiveness. Indeed a study done in 2008 by a team of researchers at the University of Liverpool proves that women find battle scarred men as more attractive for short term relationships, also with no negative perceptions.[62][63][64][65][66][67][68][69][70][71][72][73][74][75][76][77][78][79]

Max attractive skin examples[edit | edit source]

Male skin should have this same healthy, orange glow regardless of race. {{#ev:youtube|}} The attractive scar should be a single, symmetrical, superficial slash across the face. {{#ev:youtube|}}

Scientific social status maxxing[edit | edit source]

Across seven experiments, displays of luxury — manipulated through brand labels on clothes — elicited different kinds of preferential treatment, which even resulted in financial benefits to people who engaged in conspicuous consumption.[80]

Social media[edit | edit source]

A study on the relationship between number of friends and interpersonal impressions on Facebook found that a higher friend count improved social status of the profile owner. Not only that, participants who saw attractive friends’ photos rated the profile owner significantly more physically attractive (M = 3.65, SD = 1.17, N = 183) than did those exposed to unattractive photos (M = 3.30, SD = 1.17, N = 160). This finding confirms an assimilation effect: profile owners’ attractiveness varied in the same direction as their friends’ did.

Positive wall postings yielded higher safety assessments than negative statements by friends. Qualification was similarly affected; participants exposed to positive wall postings rated the profile owners more qualified than their counterparts who read negative statements. Both task and social attractiveness were influenced by the wall postings made by friends with regard to the profile owners. Task attractiveness of the profile owner was significantly higher when the statements from friends were positive than when negative; and profile owners were rated significantly more socially attractive when friends’ wall posting statements were positive than when they were negative.[81]

In layman's terms the more social media clout, the higher physical attractiveness of the clout members, and the more positive things they have to say about the profile owner, the higher social status as well as perceived social and physical attractiveness of the profile owner. Interestingly the study also found women to be attracted to anti-social posts/behavior (sexual innuendos, excessive binge drinking at a bar) by the male profile owner (but men found this unattractive in the female profile owner).[82]

This study confirms the anecdotal, social status maxxing tip of thuggmaxxing. Quote from the study:

An unanticipated interaction effect involving the sex of the profile owner and the nature of the wall statements was obtained with respect to the effect of friends’ Facebook Friends and Individual Evaluations J. B. Walther et al. 44 Human Communication Research 34 (2008) 28–49 ª 2008 International Communication Association comments on perceptions of the targets’ physical attractiveness. The negative statements depicted normatively undesirable behavior, as they involved sexual innuendo and insinuated that the target person was drinking excessively the previous night. These statements raised the desirability of a man’s appearance among the subject population in this study, whereas the residues of such behavior rendered the target physically unattractive when she is female.[83]

Based on the studies results, the best way to objectively, increase social status (no faking) is unfriend, as many objectively physically unattractive friends as possible, and then add as many objectively physically attractive friends as possible. Post-anti social pictures and content, and delete any negative comments people have to say, but keep the positive. Essentially psychopath maxxing.

Pets[edit | edit source]

A study showed that only physically attractive men receive increased attractiveness from dog ownership.[84]

Buying the correct car[edit | edit source]

A study on car ownership and attractiveness showed that the male target model was rated as significantly more attractive on a rating scale of 1–10 when presented to female participants in the Silver Bentley Continental GT vs. the (Red Ford Fiesta ST). The luxury car, vs small family man van basically. One could argue the luxury cars greater angularity and sleekness is attractive, not the brand. However both are attractive. For example, a racecar is brandless, although is still sleek, looks fast, etc. A Lamborghini from the 1980s would most likely be a more attractiveness boosting car than a 2019 family sedan, because A. the Lamborghini has a sleeker design, and B. Lamborghini is a high status brand.[85]

Anecdotally, women find men whom drive fast looking, sleek motorcycles as more attractive as well.

Money flexing[edit | edit source]

There are numerous articles and data points on the wiki about women's attraction to high income men online and for long term relationships. Although this study showed, flexing high income is also attractive in a short term mating context, walking up to a girl on the street in day game.

Quote from the study Research has found that, for long-term dating, women value men with greater financial resources and higher status, while for short-term dating they value men with greater physical attractiveness. However, there are discrepant results for both long- and short-term dating.

As most of the previous studies used only questionnaires, we conducted a field experiment to evaluate women’s receptivity to men’s date requests. Young male confederates who ostensibly had high, middle, or low incomes, depending on the experimental condition, asked young women walking down the street for their phone number. We found that men’s financial resources were positively associated with compliance with their request.[86]

Hanging out in luxurious areas[edit | edit source]

Similar to the car study above, this study showed the male confederate to be rated as significantly more physically attractive standing in the luxury apartment vs the neutral apartment.[87] The results of these studies show that an expensive, fast living, high income, high spending lifestyle is the most attractive.

How psychopaths run game[edit | edit source]

A psychopathic personality has been consistently rated as the personality women are most sexual attracted too. Psychopath Chads run game altogether differently from normal Chads. First of all, the main factor in a psychopath personality is superficial charm. In layman's terms, an 8+/10 on the decile, a face high in trust physiognomy, ripped and shredded, muscular, confident, masculine voice etc. Without those traits the psychopathic personality has no charm. So only Chad can have most objectively attractive personality. Women want the guy that looks and sounds extremely trustworthy to actually behave in the complete opposite way. In essence, to lie, cheat, steal, or worse. To understand in great detail how Psycho Chad runs game, first understand how normal Chad runs game.

Normal chad game[edit | edit source]

Normal Chad is walking to the food store, and then sees a super hot chick. Normal Chad goes up to and talks to the super hot chick, Stacy. Stacy and Normal Chad flirt, kiss on the cheek, talk about their lives, get to know each other. They exchange numbers and head on their way. They call each other later that day, and start dating. Which leads to traditional romance and courtship.

Psycho chad game[edit | edit source]

Psycho Chad is walking to the store, and sees a super hot chick, this woman's name is Stacy. Psycho Chad thinks What's the absolute quickest way to fuck this girl, right here, right now. Psycho Chad, casually swaggers, up to Stacy and uses quick wit, superficial charm, flamboyance, attractive voice, as well as chiseled abs, and a muscular physique to woo and impress Stacy. Psycho Chad begins to play fight and is very touchy feely. This behavior is not creepy though because of Psycho Chad's high trust facial physiognomy, trustworthy voice, great body aesthetics, etc. Psycho Chad intuitively reads Stacy's body and facial expressions to know, exactly! Where to kiss and touch to make Stacy feel as horny as possible. Psycho Chad and Stacy go behind a building to fuck. After Psycho Chad finishes, Psycho Chad continues the walk to the food store. 2 weeks later, Psycho Chad sees Stacy again, and walks past pretending not to know whom Stacy is.

Psychopaths use exaggerated facial and body expressions[edit | edit source]

Exaggerated expressions are exceptionally attractive, only when the man is physically attractive. When the man is physically unattractive the behavior is creepy. {{#ev:youtube|}}

Both heroes and villains are psychopaths[edit | edit source]

In two studies of undergraduate students, involving a total of 243 volunteers, and one study of 457 adults recruited online. Researchers asked people to fill out questionnaires regarding their heroic acts, even ones as minor as breaking up a public fight or helping a stranger push a car out of a ditch. The volunteers also took a personality questionnaire to determine their level of psychopathic personality traits — none of the volunteers were actually psychopaths, but because personality is a spectrum, some people were closer than others.[88]

The personality of a hero

The results revealed that a couple of psychopathic traits are, indeed, linked to heroic behavior. In one undergraduate sample and in the sample of adults, a psychopathic trait called fearless dominance — essentially boldness — was linked with greater heroism and altruism toward strangers. In the other undergraduate sample, people who had higher levels of impulsive antisociality (marked by aggressiveness and antisocial behavior) were also more likely to report heroism.[89]

Fearless and antisocial people might be more likely than the average person to lie, of course. To control for that possibility, Smith, Lilienfeld and their colleagues inserted a few stealth questions into the surveys. Some were designed to out self-aggrandizers: People who answered "yes" to questions about whether they'd ever taken the controls of an airplane during a crash-landing scenario or saved people from multiple volcanic eruptions were assumed to be lying and tossed out of the study.

Some of the other questions were subtler and designed to catch people who answered questions in ways that made themselves look good. The researchers statistically controlled for high scores on these questions.

Finally, the researchers did one more test: a look at heroism, psychopathy and U.S. presidents. Using psychopath ratings from biographers and experts in presidential history, the researchers compared likely psychopathic personality traits of the 42 presidents up to and including George W. Bush with their war records. Although this study was small and limited, it did show that the more psychopathic the personality, the more likely the president was to have a record of heroic behavior in war before taking office.[90]

Anecdotally, many psychopaths sometimes show altruistic sides, and sometimes, heroic people act badly in other areas of their lives. In 2005, for example, an Australian businessman who saved as many as 20 people from the Indian Ocean tsunami in Thailand was arrested on assault and burglary charges upon returning home. Even serial killer Ted Bundy, who murdered at least 30 people and who is generally considered to be a psychopath, once volunteered for a suicide-prevention hotline.[91]

When Psycho Chad is nice or romantic (gives a girl flowers), the behavior is seen as genuine and real. When the physically unattractive nice guy is nice or romantic, the behavior is creepy. Weather Psycho Chad plays the hero or villain, women find him endearing. For example, a study found women find a man walking with a heroic gait as more attractive.[92]. Women want the callous psychopath to also smell like flowers (literally),[93][94] and women view Machiavellian men as more attractive on dark and stormy nights.[95]. Essentially women want a romance novel fantasy brought to life. Since very few men have these exaggerated traits, the vast majority of us have to settle for traditional courtship and betabuxing.

The top 10 most psychopathic occupations in order are C.E.O, lawyer, media person in TV or radio, salesperson, surgeon, journalist, police officer, clergy person, chef, civil servant.[96] The main occupational theme is exercising control over the lives of others (specifically the lives of animals in the case of the chef). Both heroes and villains wish to influence and control the lives of others.

On a study of the attractiveness of risk takers. Male and female participants evaluated the attractiveness of risk takers compared with risk avoiders as potential mates, and as potential same-sex friends, in 21 different scenarios. Both females and males preferred heroic physical risk takers as mates, with the preference being stronger for females. Another study replicated the same results.[97]

Psychopaths use heroic body language to appear attractive[edit | edit source]

In a study on body language attractiveness, prideful appearing men were rated most attractive, and smiling men the least! (This isn't to say a man's smile cant be attractive, only that there are other more attractive gestures).[98]

Photos from the study here:

Another study on attractive poses, used computer graphic technology, commonly used for movies, games, and television to make characters as attractive, entertaining and interesting as possible. Found that the most attractive male poses follow a complex set of rules, that involve very specific body motions and angles. Generally though, the least attractive poses look objectively, awkward, lazy, uneven, asymmetrical, weird, and creepy. While the most attractive poses all look like variations of poses one would see at an elite bodybuilding competition, and are explicitly labeled by the researchers as heroic. The researchers used the max attractive poses as a template for creating new, novel attractive expressions for characters in media.[99]

Objectively unattractive poses:

Maximum attractiveness poses:

Novel attractive poses (less than maximum attractiveness):

Another study on heroic body language showed that portraits of moral heroes (Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, etc.) portray heroes gazing up and to the viewer's right (the heroes left) in part because ideologically minded followers select and propagate these images of their leaders.

The study found that the gaze direction of portraits of moral heroes tend to show the hero looking up-and-to their left more often than chance would predict, and more often than portraits of celebrities (e.g., Elvis Presley) do.[100]

The study essentially proved that looking up and to the left is seen as an objectively, heroic looking gesture. The finding suggest that manlets should always keep a person directly in front or to the left so as to appear as morally righteous as possible. Anecdotally, looking down and to the left, also appears heroic suggesting any guy no matter the height should keep people in front and on his left side.

Psychopaths engage in cool behavior[edit | edit source]

Main article on coolness here

Coolness is dominance signaling by looking fashionable and dangerous, as well as behaving in an interesting and impressive manner, all without trying hard. Achieving status whilst doing the bare minimum signals confidence in one's ability. Basically saying, "could try harder but don't need to because people already hail to the king, baby." Coolness is related to stoicism due to the downplaying of effort, and related to charisma/game as style is associated with beauty.

Dangerous activities like free climbing, sex, binge drinking, going to war, etc. are cool because they are dangerous. One could argue purposefully setting one's hand on fire is dangerous but not cool. The counter argument to that is any dangerous behavior no matter how stupid, can be cool if played off with stoicism and finesse.

For example, one sets their own hand on fire, and without flinching, calmly blows the flames out in an impressive manner hardly seeming to try at all, and then one brushes their hair back, with that same hand, and says "ain't got time to burn." The stupid act of setting one's own hand on fire has just been made cool.

Examples of objectively cool behavior: {{#ev:youtube|}} {{#ev:youtube|}} {{#ev:youtube|}} {{#ev:youtube|}}

Psychopaths were traditionally war heroes[edit | edit source]

2 leading morality researchers Peter, Descioli (Education: Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University PhD and MA, University of Pennsylvania BA, University of Delaware) and Robert Kurzban (Education BA, Cornell University, 1991; Ph.D, UCSB, 1998) In their research file Cracking the superhero's moral code [101] point out that the idea of an "ideal hero" whom always does the right thing is a pretty new one, as far as cultural narratives go, and that most characters to whom the term "hero" has been applied since antiquity were of a very different mold.

Many classical Greek, Indian, Chinese, etc. heroes such as Genghis khan were inherently flawed and destructive individuals who would be poor role-models in modern times, yet are still upheld as champions by their respective cultures. Descioli and Kurzban argue that the distinction between these classical heroes and the modern ideal ones (exemplified by comic book superheroes like Superman) lies in that the former excel at between-group conflict and the latter, in within-group conflict.[102]

For most of human history, our species lived in relatively small communities/groups fighting others over limited resources in an existential conflict. As such, myths of powerful individuals whose main talent was slaying their enemies by the dozen were most relevant to members of said communities. These myths didn't need complex moral messages, because most of the time, their morality boiled down to a simple and easy-to-understand mantra "we are good, the Others are bad, so our hero kills them". However, as communities grew larger and more depersonalized, their susceptibility to internal strife outpaced their ability to self-police, requiring the creation of specialized social institutes for law enforcement.

By similar processes, we observe the emergence of a new breed of hero, one specializing in within-group conflict — essentially a crime fighter, whose main talent is mediating conflict according to a set of norms and morals espoused by his society. Because a within-group conflict can never be resolved just by killing every opponent, unlike a inter-group war for survival, the ideal-hero fights the "bad" guys to subdue and, ultimately, to redeem them.

The morality of war heroes and their myths is overtly utilitarian: if they have to sacrifice innocents to achieve victory, they will do so because efficient problem solving and concentration of (fire)power are the best way to resolve existential conflicts with clear-cut sides. On the other hand, within-group conflicts tend to be much more political and messy about their sides, with allegiances fluctuating and shifting too fast to apply utilitarian, military thinking to them.

The ideal hero therefore instead relies on and enforces a set of Kantian categorical imperatives compatible with the social norms of the group in question (the most popular of which is, of course, Thou Shalt Not Kill). By sticking to his society's imperatives even when it would be more practical in the utilitarian short term to break them, the ideal hero establishes a reputation and secures the majority support within the community in the long term, ultimately achieving a moral, rather than existential victory over his opponents.

Descioli and Kurzban additionally identify three pillars of the "superhero moral code" (which is how they refer to the morality of the ideal heroes):

Third-party judgment. An ideal hero will actively meddle in within-group conflicts that do not involve them personally, in order to set things right. In fact, they will often sacrifice their own well-being and relationships in order to ensure the proper functioning of society at large. By contrast, war heroes typically only get involved to defend their own home or to benefit from their conquests. Moralistic punishment. An ideal hero metes out punishments appropriate for the wrongdoings that he thwarts, i.e. he is not a Vigilante Man killing criminals for personal Revenge, but a rational agent of justice (as understood by his society) who just happens to operate outside of the society's established institutions. Contrast this with the celebration of the war heroes' destructive emotions like wrath, rage, and vengeance.

Moral impartiality. An ideal hero transcends the conflicts he mediates, embodying Blind Justice. On one hand, he will apply the same punishment to his friends who crossed the line as he would to any other criminal (lack of true, empathy/loyalty to people); on the other, he will show the same restraint with his "enemies" as he would with his friends, e.g. never killing them in hopes of their possible redemption. Perhaps the most telling illustration of the difference between ideal and war hero moralities is their attitude towards the trolley problem: a war hero would probably push the fat man onto the tracks, because losing one potential fighter is preferable to losing five of them. whereas an ideal hero would probably do nothing, because most societies condemn deliberate harming of others more strongly than inaction that leads to death by unfortunate circumstances. In other words, the war hero is guided by utility optimization, whereas the ideal hero is all about constraint satisfaction.

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