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Incel TV (also known as ITV) is a blackpill-oriented channel on youtube, showcasing a variety of brutal blackpills, as well as running a show called Blackpill 101. It was created and is run by the founder of, 13k. Next to Wheat Waffles, FACEandLMS and HeedandSucceed, Incel TV is one of the four blackpill channels on YouTube with a five-digit number of subscribers. Its operator also runs a channel by the same name on MGTOW.TV[1] and a backup channel on YouTube by the name Rehab Room, referring to Elementary episode "Meet Your Maker" in the channel description, in which the "Incel community" is mentioned.[2]

Operator[edit | edit source]

According to himself, Incel TV is an ethnicel, but his exact ethnicity is unknown. Same goes for his looks, but according to him, FACEandLMS mogs him "in pretty much every aspect" regarding this: "better face, better height, better frame."[3]

Incel TV has a sister[4] and grew up in a secular, bluepilled family, which emphasized education and hard work, telling him studying is more important than playing with other children. He says this misguided him, since connections matter more than degrees and his former schoolmates lead happier lives than him now, although they did not work as hard as he did. Because of this, he does not talk to his parents anymore. He also gymceled for years, because he believed this would make him more attractive to women, but in fact caused him nothing but loss of money and hair.[5] He finally got blackpilled at age 23 to 24.[6] In March 2019, he wrote on his channel that "5-10 years ago" he was "a bluepilled teenager and approaching women", indicating he was born sometime in the first half of the 1990s.[7] He speaks with an accent, because English is not his mother tongue and lives in the UTC+02:00 time zone, as indicated by the temporal orientation of his livestreams.

Content[edit | edit source]

The content of Incel TV’s videos centers around Lookism. According to him, looks matter more to women than they do to men and are by far the most important criteria for women to rate a man’s attractiveness, which is also the case with animals.[8] Concerning this, he is saying that three things matter: Face, height and race.[9] This means that a white tall man with an attractive face can attract women even if he is an Autist.[10] Incel TV is therefore well-known for his specialization in JBW (he also opened the subreddit R/JustBeWhite)[11]. According to him, he worked in multiple countries and always observed a preference for white men in women.[12] He accuses PUAs for financially exploiting unattractive men by hiding the importance of looks.[9] He also shares the opinion that Game is dangerous because women usually do not accept this when it comes from unattractive men and it could get them into jail for sexual harassment.[13] Likewise, he accuses redpillers, contrary to their own claims, to be no real antifeminists since they are, according to him, putting women on a pedestal by encouraging other men to self-improve for the purpose of being accepted as a sexual partner by them.[14]

In August 2021, Incel TV received some media attention, since his account was among the approximately 500 channels Plymouth shooter Jake Davison had subscribed to on YT and journalists cherry-picked it out of them.[15][16] Incel TV states people accused him for being responsible for the attack after that. He then distanced himself from it and discouraged his audience from carrying out acts like this. He also described this as another example of JBW: "Some white Chadlite" killed people and an ethnic got blamed for it.[15]

In 2023, ITV privatized all of his videos on his Incel TV YT channel. Instead, he uses his second channel Rehab Room now for publishing videos. ITV also stated meanwhile he is supportive of eugenics through birth licenses, because in his opinion parents with genetic disadvantages should not be allowed to pass their suffering on their children.[17]

Blackpill 101[edit | edit source]

Incel TV is most notable for a series called Blackpill 101, which currently consists of 8 episodes. Each episode is dedicated to a specific topic, but all videos focus on lookism or race and how it relates to dating:

Link to Youtube Channel:

Special Episode[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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