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looksmax.me is a blackpilled (although it's been argued by members of incels.co that the site is instead redpilled) forum created by SergeantIncel the 11th of August of 2018 with the purpose of providing a forum where users could freely discuss looksmaxxing methods such as surgery, gymcelling and more, partly providing incels from incels.co with a place ed towards escaping inceldom. The site has very similar rules to those of incels.co, except for the fact that bragging rules are less strict due to the nature of looksmaxxing. Like incels.co, the site doesn't allow females and allows free speech.

History[edit | edit source]

Serge explains, "It simply seemed like a natural progression for some incels and there was a high demand for a looksmaxing community where females looking for orbiters weren't allowed. I took a look at lookism and realized I could do far better. It's not perfect, but it's an improvement."[1]

Notable members[edit | edit source]

Events[edit | edit source]

In the case of knajjd v. Zesto, it was clarified in late November 2018 that (1) statements made on Looksmax.me that contradict statements made on incels.co can be used as evidence of LARPing; and (2) disparaging comments made on Looksmax.me against incels.co mods can negate any expressions of humble contrition expressed in incels.co ban appeals; and (3) users can be sanctioned for linking to Looksmax.me posts on incels.co at the request of banned users, and such threads can also be deleted.

In September 2019 the user CopeAndRope designed an orthodontic appliance for the purpose of improving Maxillary and Jaw forward growth and improving the Gonial angle. He claims his appliance can emulate the effect of maxillofacial surgery without spending a penny.

In the wake of the vandalism of lookism.net in early October 2019 committed by Zesto using Josh's account, some members from lookism have migrated to looksmax.me, using their already existing accounts or creating new ones. This power vacuum has left looksmax.me as the largest and most active forum concerning looks theory and looksmaxxing that exists to date.

Outside members clash with incels.co members[edit | edit source]

Looksmax.me has two types of members: those who come from incels.co and those who directly discovered looksmax.me . On September 10th, 2018, Stormlitaqua (original incels.co member) created a thread called " [JFL] Advice on finding a virgin girl?" [1]. New users began flooding the thread with non-blackpilled advice and Stormlitaqua soon found himself discussing against the whole thread. Since then, looksmax.me isn't taken as a blackpilled website by the members of incels.co and more clashes have ocurred between Stormlitaqua and Nibba and his pals.

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