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Jet112 or Jet2 is a wiki Editor, and a user on His main contributions to the wiki were capturing the early beginnings of incel/TFL vlogging. He wrote some good content on this wiki, but left because he was worried about the incel space devolving fast. He is currently working on an incel documentary.

He manages probably the largest and most active discord room for incels, as well as the largest podcast made by incels. He was banned from this wiki for favoring User:William in a tussle over adminship.

Return[edit | edit source]

On mid 2019, he made a return and stated that he will be working on several incel-related projects. He also contributed to the wiki again.

Incelmatics[edit | edit source]

incelmatics is a youtube channel that was originally meant to host the fan-made doc on the blackpill. however more crew members were added to incelmatics since then and its now a team of contributors. The members donated 600$ in new recording equipment and software for future videos. The welfare program that was originally planned a year prior will be designed by incelmatics members. According to the basic drafts and plans, the welfare platform will also include housing assistance based on location proximity to other incels

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