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Kohlchan.net (formerly Krautchan is a pseudo-incelospherian german image board loosely related to the German incelosphere, and similar to 4chan.

History[edit | edit source]

Krautchan existed from 2007 to 2018. The name is an allusion to the german term for herb. The board was considered a German alternative to 4Chan. The board became particularly famous for the Winnenden killing spree, when an allegedly falsified advance notice of the fact was distributed unchecked in the media. It was also the origin of the Polandball comics and the figure Wojak/Feels Guy, which is a common used meme in the incel culture, especially for tfw no gf, wagecucks or NPCs.[1] The anonymous users of the internet platform spoke to each other with the name "Bernd". Femoids are called "Mulle" on the board. Kohlchan was launched shortly after Krautchan's closure. It is named after the german word of cabbage. The board brought the incel culture to german countries, which before mostly consisted out the Absolute Beginners-community.

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