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Nibba is a former of which as for September 24th, 2018, has made up the 16% of all messages in and all megathreads to this date except for 1 (the ratings megathread). He is from Ohio, USA and is one of the earliest members of the server.

Physical description[edit | edit source]

Some members has described Nibba an 8/10 while most agree he's a 7/10 Chadlite. Although he claims to be 6'3", there is proof demonstrating he is 6'2". He is also known to be a heavy broad-shouldered lifter.

Mental description[edit | edit source]

Nibba claims to be autistic (and sometimes it can be corroborated by how he expresses in the forum) and claims to have other mental problems such as social anxiety, rage, depression and and BDD. He also has claimed to have an IQ of 140-144.

Activity and controversy[edit | edit source]

Nibba is part of the "Slayer Squad" (which we don't know for sure when and by who was it created, neither what are the parameters to enter in) which is a group of users (most of them early users of, all of them are "outsiders" (not from except for 11gaijin), with an unknown purpose. The slayer squad has been involved in a lot of controversy recently; Stormlitaqua has reported that they are "bragging chads and shouldn't be allowed", averageblokecel has denounced a common practice of the squad, Gang repping, which according to him "has ruined threads and harrased users in the past" (mainly original users) and foremost the creation of spam threads by some of its members.

However, it is true that Nibba has given a lot of advice and has tried to help members as much as possible.

Another common controversy with Nibba is although he has created 16% of messages in, some users claim that 50% of those messages are spam (emojis, 1 word responses, etc) and that only the 50% has been useful advice.

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