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Zesto or Mafia is a Peruvian-Greek weebcel who was banned by knajjd on incels.co. His first thread was on 2018.04.01,[1] and his last thread was on 2018.11.27.[2] Zesto was a popular poster on incels.me (now .is), building up a cultlike following, and always talked about his trip to Japan in an attempt to ascend. Zesto was banned for bragging (aka shit-talking) on Looksmax about how he would be successful overseas, and for creating and using an alt account without permission.

Following his ban, Zesto founded Weebs.fun as a way to combat knajjd, although the person helping him establish it, Leucosticte, assumed he just wanted a place to express his ideas about weeb theory without the kind of limitations imposed by an incel forum with a more generalized focus. NEETAndTidy and others have suggested Leucosticte's assisting Zesto in creating and running his site was the impetus for the ban of Leucosticte from Incels.co, which happened shortly after the launch of Weebs.

Zesto resurfaced circa September 2019, posted threads bragging about doxxing several enemies of his (e.g. "Together with ItsOver we created a site in Nibba's legal name containing all the racist posts I was able to find of him, all his personal info, and screenshots of posts where he uploaded his pics to Looksmax along with his username"), migrated Weebs and Blackpill to his own server, and created a throwback to the old Truecels.org. He also created LooksTheory.net, Incelibate, and anti-black and anti-Jewish racist sites, but failed to set up offsite backups, so all the data was lost when his webhost cut off his access due to what they considered objectionable content. He then created a new LooksTheory site along with an Asian slut site and some others.

After a quarrel with Leucosticte over whether Zesto should have admin user rights on RGIF, Zesto used secure shell credentials Leucosticte had given him to destroy all data on Leucosticte's server, thus putting an end to the Larson network less than a year after its re-creation following its previous destruction by an RU-Center shutdown and subsequent burglary of hard drives from his home by persons claiming to be Anonymous-affiliated vigilantes. Zesto destroyed several other sites hosted on the same server, including Vintologi's and caamib's forums, which he justified by saying that caamib was a "POS" and that it wasn't safe to host content on Larson's server anyway.

As of April 2020, Zesto's userbase consisted mostly of a few regulars, e.g. Alt-Goldgrun, BrettyBoy, Vergil, and vintologi, as well as SuperCheatBros.

Malicious Activity[edit | edit source]

For the purpose of taking revenge on Incels.co moderators, Zesto constantly tries to steal personal information of Looksmax.me and Incels.co users, aiming to expose their personal life online and to ruin their reputation by publishing their non-politically correct forum posts, associated to their real name.

He has attacked Lookism twice, the first time by using mod credentials to delete all the threads (so that the site had to be restored from an old backup), and the second time by reporting their content to their webhost. Zesto justifies this by saying that the rest of the PSL-sphere needs to unite to take on Looksmax, and that this unity will be furthered by destroying all PSL sites except his, if they will not willingly close down and redirect their traffic to him.

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