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Zesto is a Jewish-Hispanic weebcel who was banned by knajjd on incels.co but is still active on Looksmax.org. His first thread was on 2018.04.01,[1] and his last thread was on 2018.11.27.[2] Zesto founded Weebs.fun as a way to combat knajjd. He was the most popular poster on incels.co (now .co) and always talked about his trip to Japan in an attempt to ascend. There are rumors that he destroyed his router and hasn't been active for a long time on any site.

External link[edit | edit source]

  • https://incels.co/threads/there-are-only-two-types-of-asian-girls-from-experience-at-large-university.33059
  • https://incels.co/threads/ban-appeal.91377