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Master after a long night of modding

Master is one of the mods and co-owners of as of 2017-2019, helping SergeantIncel with backend configuration. He often acts as a representative for the site, for example on Twitter and in press releases, and is the most visible staff member of outside of He modded Braincels during the last few years of it's life. He also mods . He is also known as 'Javix', or 'Marquis'. Well known on discord for his infectious laugh. He is a 25 year old, mild mannered[1] African-American IT guy who likes to keep his personal information private. He is one of the admins of this wiki.

He does not like it when journalists misrepresent his forum.

Dating Life[edit | edit source]

Master is a virgin and has reported very little success on apps such as Tinder, averaging about one match per month.

true "groupie" stories[edit | edit source]


Once upon a time there was BPD femoid in Incelistan who was really horny for incels named 'sol'. She put out hints about this on Incelistan. She seemed too young so William asked her to provide photo ID, and she was 18. William hooked her up with Master, one of the co-owners in a private incel chat room, as Master lived near her. The "groupie" went on at length everyday about her fantasies about being dominated by a misogynist in a discord chat room. She was very turned on by Master's name. Master and the "groupie" chatted everyday for weeks, but Master became suicidal when it looked like the relationship might not work out. William told the groupie to go away or follow up on her cockteasing. Master in a chat the next day sent a pic of his face for the first time to the groupie and the groupie said she was coming down with the stomach flu. She never returned, and William then banned her from every place he could.

Personal Beliefs[edit | edit source]

He is not a fan of, 'moralfags', 'white-knights', or 'low-iq', people.

Writing[edit | edit source]

Master often posts editorial or humorous writing. e.g. a refutation of the credibility of the My son is a hateful incel Reddit post that made the rounds.

In 2019, he began publicly writing back to columnists who email him or write about his forum, and just generally embarrassing them. Eg here and here.

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