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A purity spiral often happens in various 'celibate' communities of the manosphere. Due to the lack of natural opposition by establishing an echo chamber (keeping out non-celibates and foids) these communities turn upon themselves, bickering over small things and inflating them into large issues, ultimately leading to misplaced hatred and bans.

Examples[edit | edit source]

the purity spiral of Wizardchan[edit | edit source]

Wizardchan used to embrace asexual/sexual and volcel/incel attitudes alike. This was seen back in 2013 when the criticism of Zoe Quinn and her DepressionQuest game (preceding Gamergate revelations from Eron Gjoni) was related to how women could easily find romantic fulfillment.

Eventually admitting to a desire for romantic fulfillment or sex became so depressing for many wizardchan users that they went into denial about this, pretending to be 100% pure of lust. This was aided by enforcing rules prohibiting the discussion of lust.

Those who acknowledged their desire to "ascend" were labelled "crabs" (based on how they would pull each other down trying to get out of a bucket, never escaping) and those who wished to do so had to find other outlets, even though they might remain and post on the site to discuss non-sexual issues.

the purity spiral of incels.co[edit | edit source]

This site experienced a purity spiral of a different sort. There was understandable hostility in this community both to the "holier-than-thou" attitudes of places like wizchan and the rampant degeneracy of places like r9k where there would be dozens of threads dedicated to worshipping trannies.

Unfortunately these logical precautions caused an over-reaction where to be "incel" was on such a pedestol that "volcel" was looked down upon as an "other" who could not understand the suffering. Even though simultaneously many members acknowledged that so-called "volcels" were likely LARPers/copers just in denial about their own unfulfilled aspirations.

Expressions like "volcel if you wouldn't..." while posting various ugly foids were used in a way so as to indicate "you'd better be willing to fuck this" or else one might be a "fakecel" (a pretender) and not a "truecel" who would be willing to fuck anything... anyone... no... any FOID.

Although many understood this to be a joke (you didn't need to be willing to rape a 99 year old 900 pound diseased comatose woman to be a "truecel") the trucel-LARPing got so bad that due to Poe's law you began to lose track of who was joking and who was serious (a problem also seen in the Rapey offshoot by Larson) so some users began to try and inject some logical explanations here so newbies wouldn't be confused and need to understand months/years of board jokes to make sense of comment/thread slang.

Users like the mysterious DayleD who tried to point this out in April 2020 were shushed, threads where they mentioned it got nuked even though they were being used to highlight the homosexual rape fantasies of degenerate IT users.

The anti-tranny/anti-gay rules of .co spawned by being fed up with r9k slidethreads were used under the auspice of protecting members from being "groomed" into non-heterosexual copes, when the true intent is clearly to keep up the hostile false dichotomy of volcel/incel identity which turns celibates against each other into extremist camps.

This either pulls celibates into extremism and denialism ("incels" cannot recognize voluntary factors in their life while "volcels" cannot recognize involuntary factors in their life) or else leads those who do not fully embrace propaganda feeling out of place in either community they flock to.