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fukurou, formerly known as owly, and also known as Moti Barski and Yotomarker, is an Israeli codercel who began his posting career on Incels.co and following his ban from there became an administrator on various other forums.

Posting career[edit | edit source]

fukurou was banned from Incels.co for reasons that he says are not clear to him: "They didnt say"; "Either cussing knajjet at weebs or them asuming im a jew, maybe my escort stories maybe i mogged them, who needs them anyways". Those Incels.co users who noticed he was banned seemed equally mystified as to why.[1]

He then became an admin at Weebs. When females showed up to the site, rather than trying to mack on them, he griefed them for being roasties.

Reaction by other incels[edit | edit source]

fukurou was disliked by both Zesto and RegisterUserName basically for being too smart and too incel, respectively; they therefore wanted to de-admin him.

One theory about the situation is that people want to play around at being part of the incel community, but when they run into the truecel, it frightens them, as there could be no psychological preparation for being confronted with the ultimate confirmation of the blackpill. It is analogous to what George Hanson (Jack Nicholson) describes in Easy Rider: "Oh, yeah, they're gonna talk to you, and talk to you, and talk to you about individual freedom. But they see a free individual, it's gonna scare 'em." Or, it would be like if a conspiracy theorist actually saw Bigfoot in the flesh; it's one thing to theorize about his existence but to really see the creature crashing through the forest while one is on a camping trip would be mind-boggling.

agi[edit | edit source]

fukurou's main claim to fame is his ongoing agi (artificial general intelligence) bot development work, aka "jizzy coding," which is the topic of most of his posts, when he is not giving anecdotes of how he disses various foids he encounters in his retail work which he does to keep body and soul together. fukurou will typically provide links to YouTube videos of a cellphone app where a static image of an anime girl on the screen is answering arithmetic questions or telling the time. Most users find these demonstrations of his agi's capabilities underwhelming, and are ill-equipped to understand what is going on under the hood, which is a source of frustration for fukurou:

Serious - Peoples low iq surprises me at times When they say it isnt clear what i made and how it works in regards to the AGI platform.
There is an assortment of skills and you add A skill using one line of code.
KISS keep it simple stupid has never been more maxed than this case.
Yet coders and regular people cant grasp this simple concept.
If for example a work related project was Make an app that chooses an anime The user would like and cast play it on some smart tv:
Using my platform the work would look like:
1 Choose the animeWatcher skill from the skill site
2 add said skill with one code line, it would look like: skillsList.add(animeWatcher) In the head class constructor method.
However, to the old school coder it would look like:
Find the walkthrough for video casting
Find the latest anime api
Create a user interface alg and menu classes to see what the user likes
Update the available animes list
Create another activity file to play the video
Also pause and stop
Neg the user if he liked the video
Add a return to main activity code
And UI.
Keep in mind this example was for one action.
What if your project is a combo of several Actions?
Not a problem with the AGI platform just add as many skills as needed they will work together and pause each other or choose priority if needed.
What about mister old school coder? Well he is fucked on so many levels. With easlch additional requirment He needs to rethink the whole project, UI, algs, codes, patch bugs.
Moreover the AGI can mutate its algs For simple example change her moaning style. Mister old school algs are non morphic And cannot addapt, his users would have to Use his settings menu and do some work Again and again.
Also the AGI has a soul all skills are connected and can adapt special relevant Output when needed, the flexibility is amazing.

In case it still isn't clear, fukurou has Kermit the Frog give his perspective.[2] This appearance on YouTube by fukurou is rare, since normally he is too based for that platform and has to instead go to BitChute.[3]

Fame[edit | edit source]

fukurou has been featured on various podcasts, where he argued that women's rights will be hard to overturn when women have the right to vote and so on, so therefore we should stick our dicks in heavy machinery, trusting that his agi will not malfunction horrifically in an analogous way as the Therac-25 and overtighten the mechanical vagina to the point that the penis explodes.

Life in Israel[edit | edit source]

fukurou frequently comments on the perceived downsides of living among empowered Jewish females and politically influential, and therefore privileged, orthodox Jews, although this commentary will not be repeated on this wiki lest it come off as antisemitic.

References[edit | edit source]