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James Sapphire also known as CurlyHeadJames is an infamous looksmaxxer known for his eccentric looks & tiktok status. He is known especially on Looksmax.org for his unhinged rants and overall venting. He is one of the major causes of the massive boost in popularity of Looksmaxxing on Tiktok and subsequently the Blackpill.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

James Sapphire grew up in poverty with a single mother whom apparently did fart porn. She was also apparently 400lbs according to James himself. He never met met his father but it was said he was 6’1 and half native. Throughout his youth he did get bullied when he was younger however seemed to have functioned normally throughout his early teen years.

His family disowned him in November ~ December 2022 as he stated in a post from August in 2023.

He was born without a rectum.

Looksmaxxing[edit | edit source]

Originally James Sapphire was the typical zoomer tiktoker with a perm. (He is a natural curlyhead though) He normally made dance videos but this all started to change. Supposedly around late 2020 a girl calls him a "prettyboy" and he searched the term up. He came across Looksmax.Me at the time and started feeling self conscious.

Around mid 2021 James Sapphire started posting tiktoks that started gaining traction claiming he was extremely handsome, attractive & looked like certain Kpop Idols (Celebrities). He would regularly record videos thrist trapping & recording himself at school. This sparked negative attention and he eventually dropped out of school late 2021 due to bullying. From this point on he started to look far more uncanny in terms of appearance in an attempt to look like Richard Ramirez. Although the claim is surgery it is said by those closer to him that he took meth to gain his uncanny appearance.

He is also known to "fraud" and bite his cheeks to give the illusion of hollow cheeks. This is because in his Tiktoks, specifically the one with him singing a song created by a foid, you can see his cheeks are not hollow as presented in his selfies and other photos. He also edits his photos.

James admitted in his lengthy paragraph on Looksmax.org, that he never got surgery or any procedure and it was all fake. Possibly proving the cheek biting and frauding claims to be true.

"i never had a single surgical procedure that was not medical everything was fake & you were all fooled boo hoo sorry so sad, there is no lore and you are all fucking retards for believing everything you saw on the internet. "

Revealed in his video, James said that his mother would take him to plastic surgery clinics and tell him things such as "Your nose won't stay small forever" and more. Said by James himself, that this has caused him to have a bad perception of his self image, and caused him to be insecure from a young age.

Music Career[edit | edit source]

In 2021, James would make more upbeat, pop, happy sounding music, which was very different than post-2023. One of his most popular songs non-related to the Blackpill and Demonic themes of his other songs, was called "Y2K" (2021) which featured PartyLike2000s. This song blew up on TikTok, and James gained a lot of female attraction. Another song he made in 2021 was called "Together" which got James made fun of on TikTok, the following lyrics then became a meme,

"My girl, she’s my wonderful world

Every game she plays gonna spark a flame

My girl is wearin' those expensive pearls"

The bullying James experienced during this time could of contributed to his insecurity and bad perception of his self-image, as he was only 13-14 years old when he made this song.

Some of his songs, specifically "Tales From The Basement", from the album of the same name, released in 2022, had lyrics that referenced him getting beat up, while someone, watched, and joined in while claiming to love him.

James outside of the controversy has a music career in which he is moderately successful with his song "Blackpill Curse" blowing up on TikTok in March 2023. He continued his music career and released various singles, EPs, Albums which featured many different artists on his songs. Some albums being, "Tales From The Basement" (2022), "Facade Angel" (2023), "Blackpill Curse" (2023), 'The Dark Triad Tapes" (2023).

Since January 8, 2024, James started taking down all his music on all platforms such as Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud and more. This is partially due to him trying to clear his background and delete his digital footprint.

Some of his music still remains on Spotify, but those are the ones with collaborations with other artists.

Social Media Prescence[edit | edit source]

James would post lengthy rants and essays, usually in all caps, talking about his mother wanting to commit incest with him and she even asked him to shoot a porn video with/for her, he also has mentioned that he was abused and put in a dangerous position due to his mom being around ghetto people and dealing/purchasing meth and or other drugs. James was very young at the time when he experienced this specific event. He also promoted his music and posted edited and or frauded pictures of himself, based on what James has said, none of these are larp/fake other than the time he pretended to eat his own feces on camera or drink his own urine, it was revealed that it was ice cream, peanut butter, and mixtures of other food and liquids. He did post pictures of his underwear with feces, but it's unknown whether that was the food mixture or actual feces, and he posted pictures of his feces in the toilet on Looksmax.org, and Instagram. James has posted videos of his feces coming out of his anus into the toilet on Looksmax.org, as well as a fart video. He would often have schizo episodes while posting about 100 instagram stories in a day.

He would often use the word "nigger" and "nigga" on Looksmax.org, Discord, and in his daily life as pretty much every video he has of himself talking has use of the word "nigga" and "nigger." He was racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, and overall a bigot until he went to therapy and became bluepilled. He would post pictures and videos of himself doing activities that would make him seem mentally ill, like crawling on the ground with his hand in front of the camera, shirtless, or mirror selfies of himself sticking his tongue out and sucking in his stomach, James was anorexic, as he said himself on a thread on Looksmax.org.

Therapy and "Healing"/Leaving the Incel community[edit | edit source]

On Jan 8, 2024, James posted a story on Instagram explaining how the Blackpill ruined his life and he can't get a job or go to college anymore due to his background and practically because of his digital footprint. He claims he will focus on his life and focus on recovering mentally and getting better and possibly finding god in the future.

logged into delete my account this is my last message here i will not be seeing any replies nothing left for me here i got nothing left to prove deleted everything gave away all my social media accounts emails etc. to forgetjay don't have time for any of this anymore, no hope left for me here can't get a job college or a relationship because of my digital foot print. i don't care what happens to me anymore or my life, i don't give a shit about anything anymore let alone any music i've ever made or anything wasted all of my time money and resources to pursue this online act im done with it, i have been for a while now, i knew this time would come for a while. it's all gone now hope you guys archived it if not i dont give a fuck i'll be destroying this computer soon with a sledgehammer and dumping it in the nearest lake. i am not fucking kidding, i have nothing left, everything was taken away with me. wasted all my teenage years because i was young impressionable and brainwashed by sick fucks like all of you who like to prey on children and indoctrinate them into this cult, i didn't even want to say anything that rude besides the opening lines of this thread generalizing just a few people, but y'alls reponse proves that you all lack empathy for a young mind who was tortured into self isolation psychosis, drugs, and manpiulated by people older than them to do twisted things on the internet like saying the most outlandish offensive things, hitting my face with a hammer for 2 years, and other shit i don't even want to bring up in exchange for clicks and laughs directed towards me. i was misguided no parental figures to help guide me the right way, didn't have therapy, or a way to medicate myself, and all this doesn't affect me anymore, blackpill is not real, looksmaxing doesnt work, i am not an incel. i am not apart of this community anymore, doing what i should've done a long time ago. oh and fuck all the people still trying to keep this persona alive by making tiktoks and the weirdo freaks trying to make documentaries on me, they don't know my real personality at all, nor do any of my past friends they're trying to interview me who knew me like 12 years ago. i am aware i have caused a lot of harm to a lot of communities and people most likely whenever i was in crystal meth psychosis given to me at 17 by my own mother who i haven't seen in exactly one year since I had my overdose on January 14th, 2023. i am sorry to anyone i have ever hurt, or any girl or guy i threatened, and i am sorry to this community for even making an account, my presence was not needed here, i was just a dumb fucking kid with too much time on my hands, seeing hallucinations consisting of the most awful horrid imagery (demons, etc.), depersonalization, derealization, sleep paralysis, psychosis, and much more, i was not in my right mind from the time i created this account, but being here just made it worse. i only just recently got mentally stable, with a fuck ton of therapy, and medication, i finally am looking back and am thinking...damn what happened to my life, i cannot believe i am the guy in this profile picture, and i cannot believe i used to be that kid. man what happened, i used to be an innocent christian who never did drugs, never even fucking vaped i just wanted people to respect & like me for my art, yet I am always the scapegoat, I will always be the one who is tortured, and beat repeatedly on the ground by the masses, i have had this treatment four fucking years, and i am fed up with it, i am done with anything having to do with the internet. there will be no see you tomorrow, i am not reactivating, this site means nothing to me, and blackpill doesn't either. i am not mad, angry, or even sad, just regretful as to how i wasted my prime teenage years doing all this shit for no reward, i am broke now spent all my last 10 grand on drugs & uber eats. i am not upset at any of the users here anymore, this paragraph was enough to let it out, i feel as if a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulder. i am not mad at the mods, or the owner of this website either, as they had no responsibility for the chronically online internet trolls on this website. none of this matters to me, it is released from my soul, vanquished, banished from my realm of thought. this is nothing more than a figment of the past, and by the time you are reading this i will already be gone, don't bother contacting me anymore, you will get no response i will just ignore you and move on with my life, most likely i won't even receive your message, because i never check any of my socials phone number or emails, i am not an internet type anymore, and this should give you all lifefuel, if i was able to get out of this mindset with how deep i was, anyone can, i promise it is not that difficult. take shrooms, or get therapy, or both but all of you are in negative mindsets & bad headspaces so i fear psychedelics will be extremely wrong to take at this moment in time, so i will just reccommend you all to get therapy, i admitted that i had a problem & wanted to change, so i did. i am not the same person you all knew, saw, i don't look the way you think, i am 230 lbs right now, i never had a single surgical procedure that was not medical everything was fake & you were all fooled boo hoo sorry so sad, there is no lore and you are all fucking retards for believing everything you saw on the internet. initially in this dnrd post, and the title, I was upset, but just because I had to let go all the music i spent the past 2 years working on, before I ever met N0RTH I saw a thecel post of him singing a mewing song and I saw other incelcore artists in like 2019 like negativexp & knew that i was going to make this type of music, I even made a few before the first official release with N0RTH, sadly I don't have them anymore but that is irrelevant. Regardless, I was extremely emotional about all of this, and it just occured to me hit me out of nowhere that I had to do this and it is a lot for me to process at the moment. I don't hate any of you, or the people who got me into this stuff, the people who got me to do bad things to others and myself, the people in 2020 who turned me into what i became, because you all were misled like me, into living a life full of hatred, vanity, and evil. Nothing we can't come back from, it will take time, and effort on all of your parts, but if you really want to get better, you got to do it. Anyone active on this forum has horrible mental health, all this internet shit is bad for the psyche, honeslty in my opinion Tiktok and instagram have done worse things to people than this site ever will be. I'd rather have tiktok taken down than this little site any day, but that is a story for a day that will never come, at least you won't hear it from me, i added an ending statement whenever i was heated initially typing this so it will come after this, but I just wanted to say goodbye guys, even though it was a horrible, dark stage of my life, at least i made some friends and had some enjoyment out of seeing the numbers go up after i took things too far with my character. i don't care about the numbers motion clout views whatever you want to call it anymore, it doesn't matter to me, I've seen it all been around all these famous internet figures & artists, been around famous tiktokers in real life, gotten a couple record contracts like last year before may, but none of it matters to me not even .000001% and less. i don't want fame, or money, i don't want any of this dirty money from anything it's evil, this world is cruel. notoriety is not for me, fame isn't either. i could never ever be famous and go on tiktok again even if i wanted to. no one would ever buy i can't even say my name but no one would ever buy my merch or go to a concert of mine and it doesn't phase me in the least, i will still make music sometimes with forgetjay and my friends from my old school, but that will be on their shit not mine, i am only doing it for them, i have no enjoyment out of anything anymore, i feel absolutely nothing. Do not trust any people here they are all malicious, controlled opposition who want to control your life and fuck up & skew your perception of yourself, others, and the world for life, man, you gotta get out as soon as possible, life is better without all of this shit, it is time to take your life back and go live on this earthly experience. while i do take responsiblity for what i did to myself, i do not take responsibility for the special circumstances i was under that made me make that certain choice. you guys will look back at all of this in 5-10 years most likely less, and be like damn what did i do with my life. just like i did wishing u could have a do over and go back to highschool and fix shit. but that's not this reality, everything happened, and that's okay. i accept what i have done & have made my best effort to make amends with myself others & this community, but you know what i am done. if someone has a problem with me i don't care, i have apologized to every single person i have ever hurt, i have poured my heart out the past year begging for forgiveness but i have nothing left to prove to a single soul anymore, i am emotionally and physically drained from the toll that living as this person has taken on me. hope you all get better and manage to find a way out of this shit, it won't be easy, but it is certainly achievable. don't listen to the nihillists, and narcissists on here that will try to tell you it's over, or you can't get out. it's never over for anyone, you all are perfect the way you are naturally, you don't need to change a single thing about yourself, you are all beautiful people on this planet, you guys are so beautiful you don't even realize, you need to find friends that will uplift and be there for you and keep being yourself, and the right girl will come along i promise, just wait it out, things always get better bro, she will come, and you will be so happy, just imagine that, picture you being in bliss, just feeling the love between you and your special woman. Man, I love women, they are such a gift to this Earth. They are so beautiful, kind, caring, and express that female nurturing aspect in the best way describable. I love men as well, beyond the tough guy persona most will display, there is a soft, caring person hidden. I love black people, I love gay people, I love trans people, I love all people. We are all unique in our very own way, and each have something to bring to the table & contribute to society. Everything is going to work out, you got this. Goodbye now, this has been an emotional rollercoaster for me typing this, I am not bipolar I am just feeling every single emotion, this is like the come down from the acid trip. Have a nice life, hope it treats you well, and um oh yeah one more thing don't kill yourself by the way that's never the right answer. Of course all of you are not bad (although many of you are slowly becoming) it is always the handful bunch of rotten bitter users and as a closing statement to them, i will not see any further messages, appreciate all the hateful messages on this thread, thanks for the fucking hospitality

-James Sapphire, January 14, 2024

"i don't even feel like the person who wrote and sung these songs or the person in these photos i don't look like my old self anymore i have so much bdd and derealization i am not even fully here right now i don't think i will ever be the same before my overdose everyone around me claims that i am not the same person and it's devastating to me but the things i've done and been involved with on the internet is something i'm going to have to live with and it haunts me every night i have horrible hallucinations sleep paralysis i have to numb it with so much medication to sleep peacefully therapy has helped me but it's an endless jewish loop of psychiatry entrapment they keep switching me to different facilities i'll be on my fourth therapist soon i've had 4 different ones in the past few months and so i have to go to a subtstance abuse program which is low k ass but it is what is is my past therapist who i didnt even believe it at first until after she dropped me but i looked at her profile on the website for the place and she was a cheerleader for a big football team a model and beauty pageant winner if that's not blackpilling enough that is the future therapists dbdr was talking about and she had the nerve to tell me that looks don't matter and that she unfortunately can't help me anymore shit's crazy but it has helped me so far 6 months in clean off any amphetamine or drug besides weed and dxm i've pretty been clean and i'm hoping this new facility will be able to offer me the help i need to succeed and finally heal this trauma and mental state"

- James Sapphire, December 13th, 2023

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