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Name: Monday FA Monday
Date of Birth:
Occupation: ?
Ethnicity: White

Monday FA Monday, also known as "Monday Blue", is a former vlogger and public figure who used to vlog about his inceldom and the incelosphere. Although he frequently used the self-identifier "forever alone", he also uses the terms "incel" and "forever alone" interchangeably. He particularly used the terms interchangeably in his criticism of a short film called "incel" by director John Merizalde.[1]

He has a very calm demeanor, is not a shy person, and may be one of the most serious former incel vloggers around. He has expressed that while he has had a couple girlfriends in his lifetime, women were generally not interested in him and he was never satisfied with the attention that his peers received with girls in comparison to him while growing up.

In late 2019, rumors started that he was dating a fellow vlogger with a large social media following.

In late November, 2019, he privated his both channels. He revealed that he had a female stalker of ex-Muslim background. This was addressed in a livestream with his girlfriend by his side.

Background[edit | edit source]

Monday stated that he was 42 years old as of 2019, meaning he was born ca. 1977. Monday has stated that he grew up "about an hour east of Washington, DC" - presumably Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Monday came from a middle-class home, and stated that his father served in the US Military. Monday stated that he hung out with "nerd groups" throughout school - mostly boys who were just as clueless as he was with girls. Monday graduated from high school presumably in 1995. Monday never disclosed where he currently resides, but indicated that he no longer lives in the northeastern United States.

Looks[edit | edit source]

Monday FA Monday is in good shape, has short dark hair coupled with light grey eyes and a patchy stubble beard. He dresses nicely and occasionally wears circular reading-glasses. A great genetic trait he possesses is that he does not suffer from major hair loss like other men his age.

Monday has explained that he was rather overweight as a young man, and he largely attributes this to be the cause of why he failed to develop confidence and dating skills with girls at the same time his peers did.

Personality[edit | edit source]

He is eloquent, calm, considerate, thoughtful and known for his realistic view on the world. He thinks before he acts and has his emotions under control. In his video ""His personality doesn't suit his looks, his face.""[2] he said "I almost never cry, even at funerals." which means he is not a highly emotional person.

Monday has argued that his personality does not suit his looks. "Due to this mismatch" women were, according to him, generally intimidated and/or disgusted by his calm, rational and seemingly cold-hearted demeanor.

Beliefs about Inceldom[edit | edit source]

Monday believed that "looks-personality mismatches" can be a common reason men can become incels/FAs, i.e., some men may have personalities that contradict stereotypical personality types people tend to associate with certain appearances. Such apparent contradictions may be off-putting to people.

Monday believed that heightism against men is a very real and prolific problem among women; he has often referenced an ABC special featuring an experiment in which women are asked whether or not they would date men of varying heights. The women in the experiment only go for Stu, the shortest man in the experiment at 5' 0", when he is described as being very successful and charismatic, and all the other men are described as being complete losers or abominable. Monday has also talked about an incident in college where he overheard a group of women making very nasty comments about short men trying to hit on them.

Monday has talked about how people tend to be less forgiving of socially-inept people the older they are, and that this may be another reason men can become incels/FAs. Monday asserted that there is a crucial window of time, generally between the ages of 10 and 25, that young men must develop skills with women, and if something comes along and derails this process, then dating can be extremely difficult and confusing for young men.

Monday felt that incels/FAs are often given a lot of unhelpful advice from people who do not understand the incel/FA problem. In particular, he has criticized the often-touted mantra of "self-improvement". Monday has asserted that no one is really on a 'perpetual treadmill of self-improvement', and that average and below-average men, and even NEETs can successfully get girlfriends/wives they are attracted to. Monday has asserted that the notion that one needs to "become the best version of themselves" in order to achieve sexual/romantic fulfillment is contradictory to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Monday also talked about how self-improvement efforts may ultimately be futile because there may be no decent, attractive single people in a person’s age-range left by the time a person has significantly improved themself, i.e., the women a man wanted to date are all married/in long-term relationships, have kids, or are no longer attractive due to aging.

Monday has talked about how some incels/FAs may suffer from geographic issues: some men may simply live in sparsely-populated areas where there aren't many opportunities to meet women. Some men may live in areas where there simply aren't many young single women, or there aren't many objectively attractive people (such as areas with high obesity).

"Dark-skinned Black Man" Meme[edit | edit source]

In one video, Monday was reading off insane comments he had gotten from viewers. One commenter seriously referred to Monday as a "dark-skinned black man" among other outrageous assertions as to why he was scaring off women. The absurd description became a running meme on his channel.

Groupie[edit | edit source]

In early 2019, a public porn artist named 0pts4gryffinwhor2 told Monday publicly that she would, "love to meet up and fuck him". Monday pressed her on her incest porn, to which 0pts4gryffinwhor2 responded with offense.

Date?[edit | edit source]

Monday began making appearances with said vlogger mentioned in the lede. She revealed herself as Annika, a right-leaning public figure, feminist, artificial intelligence fan, and actress who uses her real name in her public persona. She seems to dislike MGTOW and incels while painting herself as a victim and femcel. She stacy-splains incels constantly. Some have gotten the impression that from now on Monday FA Monday's comments under his videos will be heavily moderated, according to dictate of O'Brien.

Disappearance[edit | edit source]

On january 5 2020 Monday and his girlfriend, Annika O'Brien, went on a livestream with Steve Hoca and a few other TFL-ers. Annika did 99% of the talking and Monday barely said a few words (as he usually does when on video with her). Hoca came on the stream only half way through. Before he appeared, Annika spoke over the TFL-ers in a pretty condescending tone and tried to use blue-pill arguments to blame and shame TFL-ers, FAs and incels. She tried to claim that it was their fault for being single, not women's. She also made some pretty reasonable arguments countering feminism, women choosing to work instead of marrying and having children, and that women should be taught to value family and motherhood from childhood. When Steve Hoca came on, he was very angry and started blasting Annika, insulting and accusing her of many things, including of "using her sex appeal to advance in the workplace", and that "she is no real IT expert". They both tried to interrupt each other. Eventually, Hoca brought up Annika's dead husband. She went ballistic and quit the stream. The other TFL-ers said that Hoca should have been more calm and less harsh. He kind of agreed. Then Annika returned and she had a more modest and conciliatory pattern of speech. The stream ended kind of peacefully. But in a few days, Monday uploaded a video commenting on that stream. He said that some incels are evil and deserve to die alone in depression. Later in January, he uploaded another video claiming that it is not worth talking to, or trying to help, certain people - that for some it is too late, and they should be avoided. In a few days after, he privatized both his channels. Supposedly he claimed his father had discovered them and he wanted to stay private. He then closed his two Bitchute accounts as well. Since late January 2020 he has not returned yet. Annika had posted one video on her YouTube channel, but then deleted it shortly after. However, she has made some livestreams on the channel of I Hypocrite, about other topics.

Here is the only remaining video from Monday's channel

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