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FeminismIsCancer, aka MareLover, is a former incels.co user who was a moderator on Incelocalypse, and site leader of the old Truecels.org before the split with RGIF. He is friends with Nathan Larson, aka Leucosticte.

He is notorious for his zoophilia with mares and started a new forum for "black-pilled zoophiles", ZooPill.ml. His forums tend to disappear and resurface depending on the vagaries of dealing with small webhosts in Sweden and other places, whose customer service and technical facilities are not always reliable, and with people like Zesto, who have allowed forums to go defunct or used admin or sudo rights to purposefully destroy their data.

A chronic problem FiC has encountered in dealing with his fellow zoophiles is that they find his association with "misogynistic" elements in the incelosphere distasteful, and they disagree with his practice of fence-jumping, i.e. nocturnally borrowing other people's horses because he cannot afford to buy and keep a horse of his own. FiC in turn finds their attitude elitist and discriminatory toward the poor; and in particular, when Bible thumpers quote to him Leviticus 18:23[1] and Exodus 21:36[2] as injunctions against bestiality and violating the integrity of animal pens, respectively, he cites Leviticus 23:22, which calls upon those who have agricultural resources to allow the indigent some use of them for the satisfaction of their bodily needs.[3]

FiC is a native French speaker who occasionally earns a few euros by teaching American misogynists advanced techniques such as the use of the conjunction "soit" to express sentiments like "Les filles peuvent être utilisées soit comme esclaves sexuelles, soit comme ménagères. Mais l'idéal est de les utiliser pour les deux" ("Girls can either be used as sexual slaves, or as housewives. But ideally they’re used for both.") This allows them to extend the reach of their shitposting beyond the anglosphere.

Tech skills[edit | edit source]

FiC is highly skilled in Linux and system administration in general.

He has used his tech skills to help Zesto, Vintologi, and others set up incel, lookism, and related forums. Typically, what has happened is that after the sites were created and it was determined that his expertise was no longer needed, he was then stripped of all his powers and cast aside.

Money-making schemes[edit | edit source]

FiC often comes up with ambitious schemes (such as a cryptocurrency tumbler exchange, or a casino with cryptographically generated randomness to assure the house does not cheat), or volunteers to join such schemes of others, by which he can make a fortune, retire abroad, travel around in rotary wing aircraft (aka choppers), and ascend with a vast harem of cute third world females; but when it comes time to get to work, he always says that he cannot work under pressure, cope with being rushed, or be held to any kind of timetable or deadline because that is not how true genius operates; rather, he must slowly contemplate the proper approach as he goes about his other business throughout the day. Also, he takes 3-4 days off every week to get drunk and recover from being drunk, which causes further delays. Thus, these schemes are always set aside to be taken back up at some indefinite point in the future, which never arrives.

Suicide[edit | edit source]

FiC says he will kill himself when his cat dies, but most of his friends speculate that he will actually end up just buying another cat.

Quotations[edit | edit source]

On why he doesn't like the idea of a hackathon, in which a team would bond over a shared activity of completing software development tasks over a short period:

a constrained environment with immediate demand for results is more stressful than being home and take my time adding code after I get epiphanies in the shower or while taking a shit or something.

References[edit | edit source]