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Diego Peña Gonzalez (December 28, 2006 – June 2, 2023), better known as Schery6 was a autistic Mexican youngcel. He was 16 years old and was known around, & Discord. His main flaw was a long midface which pained him greatly. He took his life on the 2nd of June, 2023 and is one of the few confirmed ropes in the community. [1]

Early life[edit | edit source]

Born and died in La Puente, CA he was born to 2 young parents. He was the third child of four and his parents divorced in 2012. He was diagnosed with autism at a young age and struggled with bullying, depression, etc. He grew up with domestic violence & was from a young age struggling with being self conscious. He was bullied in school and was said to have desired to being home schooled but the district did not allow it. [2] However the older he got he claimed he was simply outcasted and experienced loneliness. He would 3 weeks of school in 9th grade.

He signed up on at the age of 15 and quickly racked up posts talking about the issues of his life and how he identified with inceldom. He later self deleted and could not return due to the age restriction implemented November 2022. [3]

He later started using .org more in 2023. He vented a lot on about his looks and his struggles with autism. A lot of users mocked him and others gave him advice and claimed he was being too hard on himself. In May 2023 he was able to get close with a female friend unknown whether it was online or irl and thought he ascended but sadly she revealed she had no romantic interest in him. [4] He asked for a self ban on that account for a while and in that month the police had visited him due to his posts on these sites. [5]

He asked for a self ban until he would lower his bodyfat percentage to 15%. In previous posts he claimed it was 25% and was known to be a gymcel he had a bench of 225. [6]

Death[edit | edit source]

He posted on discord right before his suicide a picture of railroad tracks. Users did not believe or think he would jump on the tracks. He committed suicide June 2nd, 2023, fatally struck by a metro link train in Baldwin Park. He sent a message to his mother saying “I’m sorry for the pain I’m going to cause you but it’s too much for me”. Before his death he said “I’m sorry mom” in call right before he was struck by the train. [7]. A go fund me was set up for his funeral after his death [8]

August 2023 Messages[edit | edit source]

On August 12, 2023 his account started responding to messages on his profile. It was supposedly claimed to be Schery6’s mom however the jokes & slang used contradicts that claim. He was most likely hacked that month. [9]

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