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Fschmidt is a friend of caamib's who has been active on Incel.life, Reddit, and other forums. He is ethnically Jewish and has a Mexican wife. Like his friend Caamib, he rejects the Blackpill and claims that women don't care much about a potential mates looks, but seek out, "evil morons", through a process of fisherian runaway selection that favors a female dysgenic preference for these traits in modern western society as opposed to a supposed preference for beta and coalpha providers in third world countries.

His political views are those of an extreme reactionary without the focus on racial issues common to the so called alt-right. He supports an Islamic conquest of the west and the killing of "members of modern culture" and attends Islamic mosques to supposedly aid them in those goals.

He claims to have created a matchmaking service called Single Sushi that has helped at least two incels ascend by getting mail order brides, including "a former mod of r/incels". He had since discontinued the service, claiming it's a waste of time to help the new-wave incels, as they are morons.

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