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A confirmed femoid is a femoid who has proven to an incel site's administrators that she is a real femoid, rather than a man larping as a femoid. The typical method is for her to write the name of the incel site on her body and send the admin(s) a photo of herself, with enough parts of her female anatomy clearly showing to prove to the admins' satisfaction that she is neither a man nor a transsexual. Femoids who have submitted such proof are usually given a "confirmed femoid" badge.

One argument against such badges was raised by GameDevCel, "worst idea, this would let her gain orbiters with easy, without this, we can never be sure if it's a larper or not, and this doubt is what keep them of collecting orbiters"

The femoids themselves are usually keen to get the badge, perhaps for that very reason, or to attract Chad to approach them, or simply gain credibility as being what they say they are, so that their status will not be questioned during discussions.

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