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The Redpill Bible is a collection of redpilled catchphrases created by Johnny Red, a user from the Italian incelosphere.

Top quotes by Johnny Red[edit | edit source]

1) Only the beautiful face counts

2) Under a certain aesthetic threshold for women you are just a cockroach or a creeping earthworm

3) "Alternative" girls do not exist, all women want only a man with a pretty face, some girls say they look for intelligence and personality in a man, but they lie to themselves and to others because they just look for a pretty face

4) "Lesbians" do not exist, because they are such only with ugly men, with the beautiful they become magically "bisexual"

5) Male ugliness is a real handicap

6) A handsome man approaches even if he is still and does not say a word, it will be the woman herself to send signals of interest, even obvious; a handsome man can really afford the luxury of standing still in a dark corner of a room without doing anything and waiting for the inevitable signs that if he does not receive it is only because he is a patty idiot

7) A crippled and / or retarded handsome man will always be preferred by women than a normal ugly

8) Under a certain aesthetic threshold the ugly begin to appear mentally ill, in women's eye

9) Women prefer to have sex with dogs rather than with ugly men

10) Making women laugh is not necessary to conquer them, because they choose the partner only on the basis of physical appearance; if you are ugly and make them laugh at best they will see you as a funny guy, but certainly not as a potential partner

Bible of Johnny Red, part 1[edit | edit source]

  • The likehood that an ugly man gets a partner whom he is in love with, is smaller than the likehood of an alien invasion
  • Women cannot explain seduction techniques since they lie to themselves, they advise men to be romantic and kind while they get banged by random chads.
  • Whenever a woman complain about men who cheat, this woman only refers to attractive men who have the privilege to cheat. Obviously ugly men are not considered: how the hell can an ugly man cheat if he can't even find a partner?
  • It's exceedingly disgusting and mean the way women act in front of attractive men: they completely lose their mind. In the past women used to being fucked by chads in hay barns, but even among the pigs and their turds.
  • Between two equally handsome men, a graduate woman will choose the graduate man, for just economical reasons. A low class woman will choose a man from her same environment. Intelligence, culture and knowledge are completely useless with a woman if your Looks does not meet her requirements.

Even among average-looking men there are many shades of attractivity, some men look better, some less.

  • Women usually call sex-maniac, pervert or molester any unattractive man who dares approach them. It's really disgusting to see a woman crying out to the molester in front of an ugly man, whereas she lets any chad grope her in a club.
  • Italy is the worst country as regards simps and cucks. Women are always put on a pedestal, Italy is a heaven for women
  • Italian women deserve to be mailed to Saudi Arabia
  • Women are often naive, there is a plenty of women who get seduced, impregnated and consequently left alone by a chad.
  • Even the ugliest women can find a partner while seating on her couch. They just need to install tinder and waiting for suitors and simps pouring in.

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