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averageblokecel is an original incels.co user and one of the early looksmax.org members. He's from Spain and although 6th in number of messages, he's the most active original incels.co member.

Physical description[edit | edit source]

Averageblokecel stands at 5'11", claims to be "somewhat broad shouldered for a guy in my frame" as he has 6.4ish inches wrists. Not much is known about his face, some incels.co users has said he's a 5/10 while Nibba has said that he is a 5 PSL (6.25/10), personally he claims to have a big skull.

Mental description[edit | edit source]

He claims to be a sociopath although some looksmax.org users have said he's a psycopath, he also has said in the past that his IQ is in the 125-130 range. Averageblokecel has also often said that he literally has 0 inhibition.

Activity and controversy[edit | edit source]

Averageblokecel has created various threads on how to be agressive and how to get to have 0 inhibition along with offtopic threads whining about various events in his life and the world in general as well. It is known that he wants society to collapse and that he would have no problem dying in such collapse.

Currently he leads the movement for a "cleaner", more incels.co friendly looksmax.org forum, which is the opposite of what outsiders (non incels.co looksmax.org members) want. He has denounced the "shitload of spam threads and responses from the [Slayer]] Squad (Nibba's group)" and the practice of "gang repping" (tagging a lot of users in a thread so they can come at the same time), practiced by various users which according to him "ruins threads and harasses people".

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