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RegisterUserName aka Reginald or Reggie is a now-banned user of who had over 16,000 posts. He received 2-3 dozen warnings for various reasons, before finally getting permabanned.

Following the ban, various users demanded to see the reports and deleted posts associated with Reggie's warnings; mods explained to them that as a matter of policy, this information would not be provided because it would only serve to make martyrs of banned users and cause drama and unrest in the community.

Due to his prolific posting, Reggie has been featured on such sites as We Hunted the Mammoth.[1]

Reggie has described as "a bunch of 14 year olds saying that only the top 5% of guys get laid and everyone else is a 30 year old betabuxxer and that women are lizards".

His account has been removed from the database and he is now designated as "Guest2".

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