Grotesque Subhuman

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Grotesque Subhuman
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Name: Grotesque Subhuman
Date of Birth: 9/13/1980
Occupation: Welfare Recipient
Ethnicity: White

Grotesque Subhuman is a milkmired 38 year old virgin involuntary celibate who used to vlog. He is clinically diagnosed with autism and receives disability payments for it.

Grotesque is no longer a virgin, as he lost his virginity to 6, yes SIX hookers in 2019 at age 39 out of a desperate attempt to get his dick wet before age 40.

Grotesque tends to have strong Oneitis syndrome.

Vlogs[edit | edit source]

In September 2018, Grotesque took off all his vlogs from Bitchute and Youtube by request from a therapist. He then started vlogging again on Youtube in December 2018. In late April 2019, he deleted all his vlogs again off Bitchute again.

Departure from forum[edit | edit source]

Grotesque was banned on April 17th, 2019, for LARP, as he pretended to be a virgin on, but was bragging about his sexual conquests on other Manosphere forums, as explained in a Ban Megathread post that same date (

Not a virgin anymore[edit | edit source]

He lost his virginity and saw 6 escorts at age 39. He is still doing a countdown to 40 year old virgin vlog though.

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