Grotesque Subhuman

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Grotesque Subhuman
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Name: Grotesque Subhuman
Date of Birth: 9/13/1980
Occupation: Welfare Recipient
Ethnicity: White

Grotesque Subhuman is a milkmired 38 year old virgin involuntary celibate who used to vlog. He is clinically diagnosed with autism and receives disability payments for it. Just visit his kiwifarms thread until someone has the energy to write all that is necessary here.

Grotesque tends to have strong Oneitis syndrome.

Vlogs[edit | edit source]

In September 2018, Grotesque took off all his vlogs from Bitchute and Youtube by request from a therapist. He then started vlogging again on Youtube in December 2018. In late April 2019, he deleted all his vlogs again off Bitchute again.

Departure from forum[edit | edit source]

He left because the admin started encouraging incels to do what they can to improve their situation (working out, hobbies etc) through his whitepill forum. Which is a bit ironic, as before his departure, Grotesque was helping a few incels improve their situation by getting on disability. He seemed to reappear briefly on a more extreme forum, but left shortly afterward.

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