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Misogyny, also spelled muh sojiny or muh soggy knee, is defined as prejudice or aversion to women. However, in today’s cucked society where women are put on pedestals and worshipped as goddesses, anyone who steps out of line is considered a misogynist.

The only people who sexually desire women, whilst also hating them are those with a hatefucking fetish. So if you charge a thirsty or womanizing male with misogyny, you're basically saying "you're a hatefucker".

Examples of Misogyny[edit | edit source]

The following are viewed by soyboys as well as the rest of society as “misogyny”.

  • Saying anything about women that isn’t emphatic worship
  • Not saying anything, but still not worshipping women
  • Talking to women as an ugly man
  • Asking a woman for the time as an ugly man
  • Holding the door open for women as an ugly man
  • Accidentally bumping to a woman as an ugly man
  • Looking in the general direction of a woman as an ugly man
  • Breathing within a 10 meter radius of a woman as an ugly man
  • Existing as an ugly man

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