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Caamib is a controversial Croatian incelospherian who has an an enormous, some would argue negative, influence on the incelosphere. His blogging name is "Caamib", but is also known by Dante Alighieri (current name on and ThatIncelBlogger (first blogging name). He was known for his now defunct website Governmentsgetgirlfriends and helping to mold and mod the first incel subreddits on Reddit.


Caamib began posting on, and became well known in 2013 for the now dufunct site 'Governmentsgetgirlfriends' which was a proposal for his government to pay girls to date men who could not get dates. This was sensational for 2013 and old media such as the Huffington Post[1] and Jezebel[2] picked up on it.

Caamib helped mold and create the first incel subreddit r/truecels and was he was the first poster and one of the original mods on the now banned but hugely influencial r/incels.

Reactionary Forums[edit]

His role in the incelosphere is greatly diminished now as his public image is not great, his activity has been tracked to death by stalking sites like kiwifarms and he greatly dislikes what r/incels turned into and therefore was is.

He believes that foids should be allowed to join incel forums and that they can make great moderators; that there shouldn't be rules against bragging; and that people should stop coming up with new words that use "-cel" as a suffix.

Caamib's mentor was a user named fschmidt, and both of them moved onto smaller reactionary forums of fschmidt's creation including Co-alpha Reactionary Forum and


Caamib's blog is here [1]

Caamib's own history of online incel communities: [2], including his participation in the ones after 2003.

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