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Midwit in the decile scale[edit | edit source]

Urban Dictionary[1] noted men are "mid" if they are rated between 4 and 7 on the decile scale, corresponding to the 80th to 95th percentile[2] Note: it is 50th to 85th percentile if they are women.

For reference, here is the Decile table form of the GVI Findings (2 point average difference between male and female):

Decile Rating 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Male Percentile 28 50 70 80 85 90 95 98 99
Female Percentile 10 20 34 48 65 76 85 90 96
Percentile 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90
Male Decile 0.4 0.8 1 1.5 2 2.4 3 4.2 5.8
Female Decile 1 2 2.8 3.5 4 4.6 5.5 6.4 7.8

Midwit in The Office[edit | edit source]

Within the Dominance hierarchy the Midwit is the center protecting the Chad from the Subfive through blaming others.

Rao's Classification[3][4] Loser (Dimwit) Clueless (Midwit) Sociopath (Topwit)
Complacency trapped in divide-and-conquer, cannot deny Low in intention, trapped in protective system against cluelessness high with plausible deniability for all outcomes
Modes of Success Loser Culture (Gemeinschaft or "Community") "Hanlon Dodges"[5] (Malice as Incompetence) Futile Bureaucracy (Gesellschaft or "Civil Society")
Reactions Appropriate but against best interests Inappropriate but interest-agnostic Appropriate in best interests
Distortions Rewards and penalties Reality Metaphysics of human life
Humor[6] Democratic social validation & "social capital" Status-enforcing self-deprecation OR oneupmanship General public as unaware victims through button-pushing
Forms of Communication[7] GameTalk ("Circlejerk") PostureTalk ("Virtue Signaling") PowerTalk (Ruthless Info Gathering)
Tempo[8] Slow (lazy & bad) Fast (hasty & acceptable) Moderate (organized & good)
Karate[9] Kihon Dousa (routines) Kihon Kumite (dead sparring) Kata (form) + Jissen Kumite (live sparring)
Desires[10] Pain Relief Having Agency Narrative of Reality
Other Authors
Bauer's Title[11] Disposable Rank-and-file Workers Stagnant Middle Management Decision Making Executives & Senior Management
Three Ladders Theory[12] Physical Wealth Prestinge & Idealism Social Power
Counterelite Theory[13] Peasant revolts repressed by a few lords Bloody firing squads against the whole regime Few executions, lots of exiles or house arrests
Belief Attachment[14] Detail & Coherent Truths Absurd and Interesting Logical Heterodoxy
Stratigraphy Theory[15] Porous Limestone, Info-to-Social Impervious Clay, Social Fissures Solid Sandstone, Info slides down
Frank Leong[16] Pedestrian (Rule Conscious) Passenger (Aspiration without Realization) Pilot (Compelling Goals)

Midwit Lifestyle[edit | edit source]

The Midwit Lifestyle can often be equated to the slang "Soulless Bugmen"[17][18], which encompasses the following traits.

  • Middle class with no survival skills
  • Oversocialized through college education and "civil society", with no desire for starting a family or reproduce
  • Lives in either cramped apartments or atomizing suburbs (neither rural nor aristocratic)
  • Ultra-processed luxury diets and an "efficient" atomized lifestyle
  • Sports voyeurism as a complement to lack of physical activity
  • Bullshit Jobs (vapid corporate jobs) and depersonalizing corporate loyalty leading to chronic stress and an early death
  • Hollowed out philosophy and honor, lack of inquisitiveness and skepticism, and blindness of institutional corruption
  • Identity based on trends and media binging, with strong susceptibility of marketing, echoing of the pretentious and mainstream diluted infantilized culture
  • Blind to transcendental art, mindfulness, history, nature, purpose, and passion
  • Social media as public square, with righteous posturing, ideological rhetoric and newspeak for "Social Justice" and "Progress"
  • Intellectual cowardice as terrified of wrongthink and ostracization, confrontation, and coping through jokes and vanity

The Midwit Lifestyle can be reduced to the following table with multiple sources:

DimWit MidWit TopWit
JOB[19][20][21][22] Minimal Duties, Humble Mediocre, "Overemployment"[23] Fake work, Bad "Side Projects", Corporate Posturing Skill Building, Research, Networking, Startup
INTELLIGENCE[21][22] Dumb & Apathetic Inferiority Complex & Dumb Egoism[24] Smart Humility
Dwarkesh Patel[19]
Dating Tinder and "LMS" "maxxing" Lazy Profiles & Usage Dedicate real time on relationships
Meditation Not meditating "20 minutes a day" 10 days a year
Reading Daydreaming, Reading Fiction, Wikipeida & GScholar "A chapter a day", "A book a week", Reading Pop-Sci 2 weeks every quarter, Read Textbooks, Research Papers, and Analytic Book Reviews
Friends Internet & Meetups A dozen semi-closed friends Clique that meets more than weekly
Blogging 5 scribbles in 1 day editing & writing simultaneously Coherent edits throughout the week
Coffee No caffeine "A cup a day" Caffeine at weekends
Mighty Knowledge[20]
Studies Necessary Work Maximal Achievement Explorative and counter-Factual
Hobbies Competency Adjacent Random
Diet Meal Prep "Premium" Foods[25] Luxury Experience
Spending Time Meetups Acquaintances Close Friends & Families
Tradition & Manners What I know is Oblivious Purposeless & Bad, In Denial Chesterson's Fence, Respect
Religion Faith Atheistic Rationalism Theological Rationale
Science & Debate Anti-Science Fundamentalism Scientism & Rationalism Science-Decoupled Rhetoric
Allies Family & Kin Universalism Machiavellianism
Risk Attitudes Ignorant (Robust) Averse (Fragile) Tolerant (Antifragile)
Midwittery Uninformed Misinformed Informed
Taste No Taste Public Identity Private Taste
Sachin Kesiraju[22]
Family Tradition Antinatalism Fulfillment
Military Patriotism Anti-military Power Theory
David Kadavy[26]
Body By Science Long Walks & Sports Steady-State Cardio Powerlifting
Tech Use Distraction-Free Brainstorming Mindlessly Surfing The Web High-Powered Research Tools
Time Management Priorities, Habits, Automation, Documents (PHAD) Fragility, Outsourcing, Complexity, Deadlines (FOCD) Meditation, Relaxation, Play and Conversation
10K Tom[27]
Career Investment Not Invested in Employer Equity Invested in Employer Equity Betting On Employer Failure
Consumption Frugal baseline quality Highest affordable baseline quality High quality in one or two great valued areas
Charity Cutthroat Career Corporate Charity Optics Extremely Philanthropy
Mao's 7-2-1 Strategy[28] 10% Defending 20% Compromise 70% Development
Swell & Cut
[29] Legacy Systems Replaceable Skill Cutting Edge Tech
[30] Trust Heavy Conceal Heavy Share Heavy
[31] Single Plane Movement Multiplane movement Transitional Flows
[32] The Momentary Present The Immutable Past The Negotiable Future
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