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Richard Spencer, on the left, with a member of the NEET Army.

Richard Spencer is a prominent white nationalist and neo-nazi[1] ("national socialist"[2]) living in the USA. He coined the term alt-right, on a blog that used to feature Andy Nowicki. He frequently mentions and flirts with incels, 4chan culture, and NEETs. He has devoted at least three hours of his podcast to incels this year, but has not yet responded to any self-identified incel for an interview to ask him why the fuck he is doing this so much.

On incels[edit | edit source]

In his podcasts about incels, Richard and company joked about letting incels go to war with and enslave boomers so that incels can rape boomers 'rape-of-the concubines' style thereby getting rid of their inceldom.

Richard's white nationalist co-host Gregory Conte earnestly said that incels are the most important social phenomenon, which made Richard laugh a bit. Conte also said that governments that don't recognize incel rage deserve to fall.

Sources of above mentioned comments by Richard and Gregory: [1] (at the end) and [2]

He also lives in the same general vicinity of a lot of incel forum owners and prominent self-identified incels grew up in, suggesting that Southern USA and specifically Virginia must have some sort of strong effect on people.

Other Politics[edit | edit source]

Angela Nagle describes Richard as a political grifter who is not actually politically ideological outside race and seeks to patronize anyone's political view as a propaganda tactic. Recently Richard has made almost exclusive overtures to the left-wing, outside of his fascination with euegenics. This has led many in the alt-right to label Richard as a Fed, socialist, and Nazbol. Richard seems to take absolutely no issue with the label of 'socialist'. He has stated he is not a conservative, and that he has stated this many times. He has stated explicit belief in political progress, legalizing distribution of child pornography to pedophiles to 'keep them from harming children', gun control, medicare-for-all, withdrawing troops from dictatorial countries, appreciation of non-binary presenting female actresses, appreciation of caramelized onions ("hot stuff"), tolerance of gay marriage, and authoritarianism in general.

In early 2020, Richard expressed support for Bernie Sanders stating he would do the most good for white people out of all the candidates in any party.

He most notably advocates the creation of a white ethnostate in American, seemingly not realizing Maine exists. Release private recordings elaborate on this belief of his suggesting he mainly supports 'ruling over' anyone even slightly not white, and sees himself as a ruler.[3] Richard and his friends also seem to use praising of Hitler as a celebration repeatedly in public and private, cementing his status as 'neo-nazi'.[4]

Problematic views[edit | edit source]

Spencer has stated that he is anti-free-speech, something that does not play well in incel communities. Also in late-2019, Spencer has used the term 'incel' as an insult and seems to have ended his public sympathy for incels, without explanation given.

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