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this guy toootally wants to help incels, no waaayyy he'd backstab them

Richard Spencer is a prominent white nationalist living in the USA. He coined the term alt-right. He frequently mentions and flirts with incels, 4chan culture, and NEETs despite being a former chad (see pic on right). He has devoted at least three hours of his podcast to incels this year, but has not yet responded to for an interview to ask him why the fuck he is doing this so much.

In his podcasts about incels, Richard and company joked about letting incels go to war with and enslave boomers so that incels can rape boomers 'rape-of-the concubines' style thereby getting rid of their inceldom.

Richard's white nationalist co-host Gregory Conte earnestly said that incels are the most important social phenomenon, which made Richard laugh a bit. Conte also said that governments that don't recognize incel rage deserve to fall.

Sources of above mentioned comments by Richard and Gregory: [1] (at the end) and [2]

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