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Possible Correlation Between the Racepill and Lewis Cultural Theory[edit source]

Image of the Lewis Model Imagine a cross, with one bar through UK towards Iran/Turkry/Bulgaria, and another bar from Japan to France/Poland/Hungary/Lithuania

When compared to OkCupid Data:

  • Linear-Active Nations (e.g. Anglo White) are the ideals of Masculinity and Femininity
  • China, Vietnam, Korea, Thailand are the most likely to be Purly Feminine
  • Benelux, Israel, Ireland, Australia, Denmark, Austria, Norway, Czech, Slovenia are most likely to be Purly Masculine
  • The Global South is generally sexually unappealing

Quantifiable Cultural Factors[edit source]

In order to make this more accurate, Values Survey Module (by Hofstede) is a good sub-in for cultural differences.