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There's also a juggernaut law for men[edit source]

But it's a lot weaker, and the SMV cutoff before the guy is too unattractive for it to apply anymore is higher.

If a guy is too attractive, some girls who have been rejected or dumped by Chads in the past may be reluctant to get with him when they're in a mode where they want a relationship rather than a one-night stand. So they'll go for the guy who's less attractive, maybe even nearcel, if they think that's all they can lock down.

Of course, if they're damaged goods, they may mistreat him or dump him at some point for not being Chad, because they think they're entitled to Chad, and were only settling for him. But, there's still a mild juggernaut law in effect that makes it even possible for him to have a chance with those chicks.

We actually used to have a whole article about how some chicks find Chads intimidating, but it got deleted for being too poorly-written or something. Nonetheless, there was a thread on this topic at Roosh V Forum, or at least there was before they closed down their game sub-forums. 01:58, 10 May 2020 (UTC)