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Tinder has been blamed by some members of the incelosphere for propagating, entrenching and enhancing the blackpill due to its ubiquitous focus on appearance, money-grubbing developers, and absurdly hypergamous female users. Tinder is arguably partly responsible for the state of the incel communities as of 2019, and with a few other dating apps, is the main catalyst for people joining incel forums. It is largely an app for fast life history strategists looking for casual sex with only 33% of users who have dated through Tinder getting a committed relationship out of it and the rest engaging rather in casual sex.[1] If you're male and your match rate on Tinder is 10% or higher (even if it's all ugly girls who matched you) it means that you are VERY GOOD LOOKING. Almost everyone else gets no matches or gets ghosted.

Rampant Sexual Poverty[edit | edit source]

Actual average men get a match rate of less than 1% on Tinder (0.87%)[2], while virtually any woman can choose from a pool of men to get a date whenever she wants on Tinder.

A study found out that “the bottom 80% of men are fighting over the bottom 22% of women and the top 78% of women are fighting over the top 20% of men", on Tinder.[3] Because women are sexual gatekeepers their preferences decide the dating scene.

The same study of Tinder found that Tinder's GINI coefficient between the genders was on scale with the income inequality of third-world countries (see chart below).


Recognition[edit | edit source]

Various media personalities have recognized that women on Tinder completely ignore a large pool of men in a way that isnt seen in the reverse, including sexologist Kristin Spitznogle, popular leftist vlogger Contrapoints, and podcaster Dick Masterson.

The Tinder Algorithm[edit | edit source]

The tinder algorithm has historically been known to assign a score to individual users. This score is in part determined by the ration of swipe-lefts vs swipe-rights a user has received. This enables the app to judge how in-demand a person may be based on first and foremost, their looks, and at second glance (if other users even care) the profile. The more swipe data the app has on a particular user, the easier it becomes for the app to determine the appropriate "desirability tier" for the user. Tinder leverages the desirability tier to determine whose faces to show each user.[4] In a sense, it forces all users into their "league" so if you've ever heard a friend ask "Why are there no hot girls around here?" you may want to gently encourage them to reflect on their own desirability.

Increasing desirability score[edit | edit source]

Keep Bios Brief. Nobody wants to read a personal manifesto and know everything about them for the first date. Few people even read Tinder bios. Take the opportunity to share something about yourself that is memorable and will stimulate conversation if you finally get a match. Accompanying something niche with something approachable is usually a good. (Ex: Coffee-loving, Sci-fi nerd. Be my next date for all-you-can-eat sushi?)

Own Your Unique Traits. Sometimes there's stuff we know make us less attractive to the general populous that we just can't change. Maybe it's below average height, weak jaw-line, a skinnyfat body type, etc. All these things are okay. Find a way to confidently describe yourself--maybe even say how a good friend would describe you ("Short King" "Golden Retriever Energy" etc.)

Work on the Traits That You Can. Caring for yourself is an important part of existing that sometimes we forget to do. Sometimes this means simple, regular exercise like going for a walk. Other times it may look like fixing your posture, or taking the time to clean up eyebrows or facial hair when you may not be totally up for it. It's little things that build confidence and improve your appearance. If you don't respect your body, how can you expect others to?

Additionally, strive to improve ability to carry a conversation. If you're not sure what to say, ask questions. Most people are happy to talk about themselves. When they do, listen to what they are saying and try to come up with questions based on what they are saying to show interest. It's more important for you to get to know them and determine if they are a good fit. There's no need to divulge information that they don't ask for. Be open to sharing, but don't dominate the conversation with your thoughts and feelings.

Have Good Pictures. This is perhaps the most important part of increasing desirability score. It doesn't matter if you're a Chad with a great personality. If you're pictures are bad you are as good as rubbish to fellow users. So here's some tips:

  • Ditch the Fish & Hunting pics. Who are you trying to impress? Your dad or a date?
  • Use all or nearly all the photo slots. A potential date might find it strange if you couldn't scrounge up at least 5 good pics of yourself.
  • Make sure not all the pics are selfies. Put on a baseball tee, have a friend/family member put their phone on portrait mode, and get some pictures in natural light. It takes like an hour tops. If you really have nobody to help you, then use the camera timer.
  • Make sure not all the pics are of you alone. People like to see you have friends.
  • If you have a pet, include a picture of you and the pet together, happy. It shows you're responsible and affectionate.
  • Where possible, try to include at least one pic of you enjoying a hobby. High-desirable hobbies might look like: Hiking, Ski/Snowboarding, Playing Guitar, Playing a Sport, Reading your favorite book, etc.
  • Dress well - if you're unsure what to wear outside of jeans and a tee or hoodie most days, consider a service like stitch-fix for a few outfits, or even just browse their website for inspiration.

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