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Name: Ivey Passion
Date of Birth: ..-..-1988
Occupation: Porn Actress
Ethnicity: White

Ivey Passion is a Dutch pornstar who has worked to reinstate the 25 year Netherlands government's measure to combat inceldom after it was scrapped in 2017. The policy, while enacted, had effectively made sex a human right in the Netherlands by having the Netherlands government reimburse the disabled's access to legal prostitutes in an explicit way.[1][2] She is perhaps the most well known (but non-self-identifying) sex-positive MRA.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

In various articles Ivey has said the following phrases:

I do this from my heart, those people are entitled to it and I do not think you can take it away.

Sex is good for them, because they can be less affected by symptoms, and that also saves money on medication.

What would you do if you get an accident and nobody wants you anymore? Then you will also become sexually frustrated.

I certainly do not get rich.

It's terrible if you have itching and nobody wants to scratch?

If you read this Ivey, we love you xoxoxo

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