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Women can simply unpack their tits to get paid by a passing stranger. Very convenient.

Whoring refers to sexual display, often a mere pretense of sexual willingness, with the goal of near-term resource accrual. The primary motivation for extra-pair mating in human females is, in fact, probably resource accrual (along with mate switching).[1] Not all women are whores, but tendentially those with fast life genes and/or those experiencing economic adversity,[2] with there being no evidence of gender inequality driving women's self-sexualization.[2]

Being cuckolded and investing in someone's else's offspring is a great loss for a male's reproductive success and reputation. The cold logic of evolution suggests that hence men should be selected to detest female sexual skittishness which is evidenced by cultural adaptations for paternity assurance across many cultures.

The male analogue of whoring is the homocel hypothesis, which suggests males can too offer their holes to horny men in order to obtain resources, which may explain in part the evolution of male homosexuality.

Evolution of whoring[edit | edit source]

Lordoric sexual display for resource accrual and hypergamy

Sex differences in parental investment made human females coy and dependent on male's resources, which in turn caused males to want to scatter their seed wide and far by comparison as they do not need to invest in the offspring much. This sex difference in coyness and promiscuity means there is an insatiable male horniness surplus. As women need men's resources to survive, though, and as men's sex drive is bottlenecked by women's sex drive, women can simply signal sexual readiness to manipulate men into provision.

Throughout history, young females, especially from poor social strata,[3] presumably had the opportunity to ascend the socioeconomic hierarchy through exhibitionism. This might have resulted in such behaviors getting fixed in the gene pool such that we can observe them on /r/gonewild, Chaturbate, social media platforms, and in nudist protestors, and in milder forms in fashion, gymnastics, yoga and other displays of the lordosis posture, the crotch region and bare skin. Carnes (2001) found that females in treatment for sexual addiction reported higher levels of exhibitionist behavior compared to their male counterparts while less likely facing repercussions for such behavior (for obvious reasons).[4][5][6] Some authors argue that female exhibitionism goes underdiagnosed as it is socially accepted through fashion, exotic dancing and occupations such as strip-tease and burlesque.[7] A Swedish study from 2018 found about 10% of women admitted to having exposed themselves publicly,[6] and a growing share of young women admit to engage in sexting with estimates ranging from 4–80%,[8] e.g. 20% of Hispanic U.S. women aged 16-25 (2010),[9] 11% of young Belgian women (2014),[8] 27% of U.S. teen girls (2012),[10] and 39% of female Croatian students (2020).[8] The true figures are likely higher due to social desirability bias and can be expected to be much higher for modest sexual display such as wearing revealing clothes.

Female exhibitionist adaptations are possibly related to disloyalty, openness to conquering groups, interest in roaming), as throughout history women had the opportunity to marrying into the conquering group while most men faced death when being conquered.[11]

The genetic basis of whoring behavior may explain why female politicians fervently fight for legalization of sex work and why some highly educated and intelligent women go into pornography. They do what feels natural to them.

Politicians also commonly push censorship and mass surveillance policies as countermeasures against the sexualization of girls online, arguing social media and male predators would cause this behavior. Though an alternative explanation might be that some girls merely execute exhibitionist adaptations as discussed.

Deliberate vs unwitting behavior[edit | edit source]

Men have a substantially higher sex drive and read greater sexual interest into their partners' behaviors in e.g. speed dating contexts,[12] and likely also in everyday situations. As a result, women's behavior may sometimes be misinterpreted as sexually provocative by men. However, behavioral adaptations for whoring conceivably might not always occur with full consciousness of the goal of offering sex in return for securing male investment, much like women's coyness may not be accompanied by a desire for the most dominant suitor, but the outcome of the waiting tends to select for this male anyhow (at least in a free mate-choice setting). This would be analogous to animals exhibiting mimicry being themselves unconscious of the fact that their appearance elicits or inhibits behavioral responses in other animals. Evidence for a significant share of women being unaware of their sexual signals might be provided by a study into the perceptions of the lordosis posture.[13] They found as many as 40% of women would show their partner a photo of their female friend with a stronger lumbar curvature rather than a more appropriate photo with less curvature. The female lordosis posture has also been found to be rated as more sexually attractive by men than by women.[14]

Examples of female nudism, sexual provocation, exhibitionism etc.[edit | edit source]

In fashion:

  • Lingerie
  • See-through fabric, holes
  • Miniskirt
  • Bikini, tanga, thong, string (G, T), cheeky
  • Neckline
  • Pushup bra
  • Crop tops
  • Tight pants (e.g. jeans), tights, Yoga pants, pants with center rear seam
  • Personal items in tight back pocket
  • Corset, bustle (buttocks display/emphasis even in the most sexually restrictive eras)

In dance:

  • Exotic dance
  • Belly dance
  • Step dance
  • Cancan, La Goulue
  • Skirt lift (rotation, leg lift or manual)
  • Twerk

In sports and leisure:

  • Gymnastics (splits)
    • Vaulting
  • Long jump
  • Volleyball
  • Cheerleaders

In politics and activism:

  • Naked demonstration
  • Boob flashing
  • Butt flashing

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References[edit | edit source]

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