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False rape accusation, abbreviated FRA, is the act of making false rape accusation which can be done for a wide variety of reasons. This is sometimes done as a form of revenge against a man a woman hates in the knowledge of the gynocentric leanings of the legal systems in western society wherein the pussypass remains preeminent. At other times, this is done in order to elicit money in damages by a woman who has a real love for the dollar signs. At other times, FRA is done by female criminals in order to elicit sympathy, or in order to instigate silence by the man who was victimized by the woman. Some women evoke the FRA as a way to bypass their weakness vis-a-vis men. Women are well aware that a rape accusation is one of (if not the scariest) exclamation she could make against a man.

FRA epidemic[edit | edit source]

There is a phenomenon in the Western World in the 21st century: the outbreak of a never-before documented phenomenon whereby tens of thousands of men's lives are being ruined by false rape accusations. It is one of the most rampant scourgers affecting males in the 21st century. Even men who are not directly accused fall victim to it as they fear interacting with the opposite gender. A huge demographic of men fear interacting with anyone below the age of 25, out of fear that they may be accused of various things. Imagine this scenario whereby men are separated from an entire demographic of people, separated from tweens, from teens, from pretweens, and even women roughly around the age of 20, just in case they may be fauxbait.

When you couple this situation with the general disappearance of social interactions among westerners in general since the advent of the smartphone, you get a better glimpse of the social decay that western society faces.

Female sociolegal privilege[edit | edit source]

There's this stereotype that as long as the girl has not gone to police with a FRA (false rape accusation) everything is fine. Its not. Women still have the ability to traumatize or ruin a man's life even without going to the police. For example, lets say she has committed a crime against the man. She could frame the interaction she had with the man as one for rape. How could she do this even if the man did no such thing? Two reasons. Firstly, men (and the populace in general) is aware that women are favored during confrontations between a male and female. As such, the man is immediately at higher risk of being arrested, even if the facts haven't been established yet. Secondly, women, are better at emotional manipulation than men. As such she could gaslight the man into thinking there was a moment of coerciveness or something involved even though no such thing occurred.

In the above scenario, the woman could have scammed the man, she could have finessed the man, or done all sort of transgressions against him but he has no retort, (or at least feels like he has one) because of this sociolegal advantage that women have over men. As such, actual police figures for reported number of false accusations do not at all tell the full story.

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