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FRA is an abbreviation of false rape accusation, a phenomenon thats also called ravishoaxing. An FRA is the act of making false rape accusation which can be done for a wide variety of reasons. This is sometimes done as a form of revenge against a man a woman hates in the knowledge of the gynocentric leanings of the legal systems in western society wherein the pussypass remains preeminent. At other times, this is done in order to elicit money in damages by a woman who has a real love for the dollar signs. At other times, FRA is done by female criminals in order to elicit sympathy, or in order to instigate silence by the man who was victimized by the woman. Some women evoke the FRA as a way to bypass their weakness vis-a-vis men. Women are well aware that a rape accusation is one of (if not the scariest) exclamation she could make against a man.

A woman who declares a false rape accusation is called a ravishoaxer or ravishoaxster. A victim of a false rape allegation is a ravishoaxee. An act of a false rape accusation is called a ravishoax. An account of a woman whose description of events sounds fabled is called ravishoaxical.

Further details on the FRA phenomenon is provided at FRA epidemic.

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