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Cancel Culture is a recent usage term that basically denotes the culture where people are "cancelled" (subject to social exclusion and boycotting) and forced to live in ostracism and even as celibates, because political opinions, religion or so-called "micro-aggressions" (a "crime" that do not activate hybristophilia). The culture is endorsed by the media and various powerful multinational corporations.

Manifestations[edit | edit source]

Boycott and Ostracism[edit | edit source]

The way of non-platforming a target associated with privileges. Ostrascism was a way to purge men against the democratic regime, from Athens in Ancient Greece, when the victim was still alive. The boycott was used by Nazi party members to disrupt business of jewish incorporations; consequently, the use of boycott was apllied in famous people, writters, past figures and non-bourgueois citzens.

Despite the advocating for social politicies, rather the left or the right, can support these methods.

Propaganda[edit | edit source]

The cancel culture manifests in the consensus in which a political opinion is abominated and hated. A cancelled person can be retrated inside female, male and general circles, as a villain, bigot or even dumb individual.

Some religions, denies any relationship between members of another religion.

Consequences[edit | edit source]

A cancelled person, if alive, might deal with social exclusion (including by the family and possible relatives), ostrascism, and, in the worst of cases, loss of job.

To evite to be cancelled, a person need to change his political positions to achieve social acceptance and a solid relationship.

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