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WGTOW stands for women going their own way. It basically means female separatism, something advocated by radfems, and practiced by a majority of women who are radfems. A majority of this community is made up of "Femcels", "man-haters". After the sexual revolution, women became less independent, and many don't even pursue long term relationships with men. So many of them already "go their own way" without even being aware of any non-philosophical movement. Women's independence and not looking for long term relationships can potentially make them more promiscuous because they will be more likely to only pursue men exclusively for casual sex, and that's where beta males (the classic Beta providers) and Incels are left off, which implies that the WGTOW "movement" further accelerates Hypergamy and Inceldom. Successful female separatism by definition accelerates inceldom unless there is polyandry.

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