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Women can simply unpack their tits to get paid by a passing stranger. Very convenient.

Whoring refers to opportunistic female sexual display or behavior, often a mere pretense of sexual willingness, with the intention of near-term resource accrual. The primary motivation for extra-pair mating in human females is, in fact, probably resource accrual (along with mate switching).[1] Research also suggests women sexualize themselves during economic hardship (rather than gender inequality driving such behavior!).[2]

Being cuckolded and investing in someone's else's offspring is a great loss for a male's reproductive success and reputation. The cold logic of evolution suggests that hence men should be selected to detest female sexual skittishness, and behavior targeted at paternity assurance is indeed what we see across many cultures.

The male analogue of whoring is the homocel hypothesis, which suggests males can too offer their holes to horny men in order to obtain resources, which may explain in part the evolution of male homosexuality.

Evolution of whoring[edit | edit source]

Lordoric sexual display for resource accrual and hypergamy

Sex differences in parental investment made human females coy and dependent on male's resources, which in turn caused males to want to scatter their seed wide and far by comparison as they do not need to invest in the offspring much. The sex difference in coyness/promiscuity results in an insatiable male horniness surplus. As women need men's resources to survive, though, and as men's sex drive is bottlenecked by women's sex drive, women can simply signal sexual readiness to manipulate men to give them what they want. Quite frequently, that may have even allowed young, fertile females, especially poor/lower status ones,[3] to ascend to richer demes (hypergamy) by flashing their genitals for horny wealthy male bypassers, resulting in such behaviors getting fixed in the gene pool such that we can observe them on /r/gonewild. Corroborating this notion, Carnes (2001) found that females in treatment for sexual addiction reported higher levels of exhibitionistic behavior compared to their male counterparts (while less likely facing repercussions for such behavior for obvious reasons).[4][5] From these adaptations, possibly, it emerges in females a general opportunism and disloyalty towards her own deme, which is related to women's greater openness to conquering groups (as evidenced by their interest in roaming), having had the opportunity to marrying into them, while most men faced death when being conquered.[6]

Girls may be genetically programmed to whore[edit | edit source]

Sneaky politicians often use the issue of self-sexualization of minors in social media as an argument for censorship and surveillance, arguing social media would cause this behavior. Though, in truth, teen girls are highly sexually driven from early on. Girls know instinctively that they can get boys and men's attention by revealing their secondary sexual characteristics to their advantage, and this is what they do on social media. Although this is not an easily testable hypothesis, we can find indirect evidence in the high prevalence of such behavior and the historically enormous concern about it, and, as a result in female intrasexual competition in terms of slut-shaming.

The naturalness of female whoring may explain why female politicians fervently fight for legalization of sex work and why highly educated, intelligent women go into pornography. They do what feels natural to them.

Men have a substantially higher sex drive and read greater sexual interest into their partners' behaviors in e.g. speed dating contexts,[7] and likely also in everyday situations. As a result, women's behavior may sometimes be misinterpreted as sexually provocative by men. However, behavioral adaptations for whoring conceivably do not always occur with full consciousness of the goal of having sex in order to securing male investment, much like women's coyness may not be accompanied by a desire for the most dominant suitor, but the outcome of the waiting tends to select for this male anyhow. Similarly, animals exhibiting mimicry are unconscious of the fact that they look like a particular plant or animal.

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