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"That'll be $600 an hour"

The pussy cartel refers to women's artifically inflating the value of sex via price-fixing. It is relatively easy for women to artificially inflate the value of sex when they desire initiating sex less than men. Women refer to men desiring initiating sex more than women as male thirst and use the term negatively.

Sex is worth maybe $5 of women's time and effort. But women know men will go insane without sex, so they collectively deny it to men. They force most men to invest hundreds if not thousands of dollars in time, gifts, dinners, just for the possibility that they will get sex.

Effects of prostitution on sex prices[edit | edit source]

  • It's not a perfect solution, women will still exploit men's loneliness and overcharge, especially internet hoes.
  • Men would be less easily manipulated by sex. If men could simply pay for sex instead of having to win a girl's affection, then the average woman would have much less sexual control over the average man.
  • The value of sex would go down. Men are less severely incel in societies where prostitutes are legal, so prostitutes charge less. Low quality escorts cost hundreds of dollars in countries like the US where prostitution is illegal. This is an outrageous price for something that costs the woman nothing and requires no skill. In countries like Germany where prostitution is legal, prices are much lower. "Bulgarian and Romanian women sometimes charge less than €10 [$13]," she says. "One woman here will even do it for a Big Mac."[1]

Pussy Cartels Servicing Incels[edit | edit source]

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