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A christocel is someone whose inceldom is at least partially caused by their puritanical Christian upbringing. Catholicism has been a source of inspiration to the Western world for millennia. Even traditionally Protestant nations have been influenced by the legacy of Catholicism. After all, the very word "Protestant" implies protest against Catholic rule. However, these Protestant churches did not wholly dismantle Catholic teachings. In many cases they simply tweaked some aspects of Catholicism or renounced the authority of the Pope. A major example of such a Protestant church that mainly maintained Catholic doctrines is the Anglican Church. The Protestant churches which made a few adjustments to their teachings in the medieval era in a sense simply became "neo-Catholic".

How is all this relevant to modern-day inceldom? Well, through its allocation of the celibacy doctrine towards its otherwise virile priests, Catholicism has conflated allosexuals with asexuals. Thereby it has normalized and even elevated inceldom into something normal or even honorable. This is one of the reasons that non-Westerners such as Asians, and Africans with zero history of Catholicism are far more understanding of the incelibate's plight than people who were raised in the West.

Catholics are strong proponents of no fap, voluntary celibacy, marriage, and desexualization.

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